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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Monday, November 28, 2011

Word of the Day - Legit! 11/28/11

Hey there everyone!
So first, about my comp.  Hes legit, we get along really well!  That's pretty much it, we get along really well were working really hard and having a good time.  Also, you asked how I'm feeling.  I was sick for about 3 weeks but I'm all better now.  Things are good.  About letters, they're tougher in this area because there's no Correo in our area but I'm just going to be sending them in bulk now, 2 or 3 at a time.  Christmas letter is in the mail though :)  About calls, I think you guys will have to call me, I can maybe call you and then just have y'all call me back. Maybe we can get set at the same time and just conference in Nicole so it'll cost a ton but maybe we can have all the family together.  Just a thought. 

About the package, I got both of them from y'all and grandma and everything was perfect.  The soap survived and the PB and everything!  Very much welcomed.  Keep em coming ;)  Am I still printing reading and outlining? Yes.  Dad asked about the house, its pretty big not HUGE but a good size, I  don't really know if the pictures were deceiving lol.  About the temple, we've been through a few times and were going to watch a broadcast for the dedication. About W, LEGIT!  English speaking I'm guessing.  NICE.  I'll throw a letter for him one of these days.  About Christmas package, is it all Christmas or is there other stuff? Meaning, do I need to wait til Christmas to open the box or is stuff wrapped?  About the ipod and the book dad LEGIT!  That actually made me even more stoked to read the book!  And the wedding video... I got really excited when I saw it and read the letter after we had already watched it (on mute, thanks for the music haha). 

Now, investigators.  We have a few legit ones.  G and Y were temple references and they're pretty legit.  They are pretty big in their church but they are willing to see if ours is true :)  So yay.  A guy named M, he turned out to be really legit, he went to the temple 3 times. We're going to put a fecha with him this week.  W is another temple reference, his wife is menos activo and he's super interested, just wants to make sure its true.  And we have a baptism this Saturday!  So good stuff happening.  We went to the temple twice this week with the ward.  On Friday, over 100 people came from our ward...about 10 members.  LEGIT:  So there's work to be done!  We found out that 126,000 people went to the temple and on top of all of this our attendance yesterday was 334!  Things are going well!.  Also, at the temple we met an anti Mormon that was taking people to the temple.... good luck buddy.  Also, a lady gave us pumpkin pie one day!  It was so gooooood! 

We also had a Guatemalan Thanksgiving yesterday with chicken, rice etc.  All darn good stuff!  So they did something for the American missionaries, I'm running really low on time this week, sorry..... But the pictures are a sunset, the temple, and our Christmas tree (we have a pine tree in our back yard and we chopped off a branch).
I think that's all, LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
-Elder Westenskow

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