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Monday, November 28, 2011

New Area - Esperanza!! 11/14/11

Hey Fam!
So, in the letter, the time that I was sick was indeed from the oranges haha.  I would answer the questions about my investigators, but well.... yeah haha.  We never did get to go sing at A's church, if we did go we were going to do Nearer My God to Thee in Spanish and Joseph Smith's first prayer in English lol  But he never came  to church again so we never went to his again lol.  Also, Vegas sounds awesome!  Looking at pictures of things going on at home and hearing stuff like that makes me realize I'm gong to have major culture shock when I get back to the states haha.  The shows sound legit though!  I've always wanted to go to the Beatles one.  Also, dad, I addressed the letters fun because it was fun, not because of delirium, I'll probably keep doing it, something different every week just to keep it interesting ;) 
Okay, so on to my new area.  My area is HUGE!!!  There were 7 sisters sharing it but now we're just sharing it with 2 sisters so a lot of work to do.  The ward is HUGE  and church yesterday felt just like being back in the states haha.  It was crazy!  People here have callings, we have a bishop (he's an ex-mission president) a ward mission leader an attendance of about 300.... it's amazing.  And the people love us.  They haven't seen Elders in over a year so they're pretty stoked to have us back!  We've been here like 4 days and we've received a TON of references.  People are just throwing their friends at us haha.  Plus, having the temple 10 minutes away doesn't hurt.  We weren't able to go this last week but we should be going twice this week so yay!  We're really just trying hard to work with the members and they're working hard with us!  They are just so stoked about everything!  I love it, it's refreshing after fighting to get anything out of the Cunén members for 10 weeks we come here and they just love us!  It's a change but a good one.  I still miss Cunén a lot and the people, I really fell in love with that place but I'll just have to take you all back to visit one day! 
About my comp, Elder R is from Rosemond, California.  He JUST got done being AP and he's really stoked to be out of the office. He's a really hard worker which is GOOD!  We're really killing ourselves just getting as much done as possible!  This area is on fire.  Our goal is 18 baptisms in 3 months and with the temple, the other sisters leaving, and the members it's definitely possible here.  We're still not focusing on numbers more than people but it's just a thing we're doing :) 
A really cool experience I had this week, we went to visit a less active with a member and the member asked the less active to offer the prayer, it was really amazing.  He was just talking to his Father in Heaven.  He said something like "Father, we've lost the path, we've lost the way.  But we haven't lost the hope that we can come back.  Please bless us with a way to come back to the church that we know is true"  That was the gist of it and it was really really cool!  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!  I'm still adjusting to living in a city but it's all good, we still walk a ton, maybe more than in Cunén, just because our area is so big haha.  But yeah, I love it here and I'm stoked!  GOING TO SEE THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Love you all, have a great week!
-Elder Westenskow

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