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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Monday, November 28, 2011

This Area is Insane!! 11/21/11

This area is INSANE!!! In such a good way it's not even funny.  We found 22 news this week and have 9 possible fechas... we've been here a week.  This place  is insane and the temple doesn't hurt either!  Speaking of the temple, we went!  On Tuesday our ward got a bus and we all went with our friends and investigators and holy goodness this place is ridiculous!  So flipping nice, so beautiful.  I'm not going to lie to you when I say that on the inside its the most beautiful temple I've ever seen, maybe not on the outside but inside YES.  We've been spending a lot of our time contacting references from the temple (when people fill out those little cards at the end) and we don't get as many as some other areas but ours have been pretty positive.  I also saw my first every baptismal service, it wasn't ours but one of the sisters, we went for support.  Funny story, we were walking down the road one day and this lady literally flagged us down and asked us to move some furniture for her.  So we did and she gave us Pepsi and then we tried to teach her and she wouldn't let us, she just wanted the two big white boys help!  haha  Oh right, we also went to the temple on Friday in a ward bus and we just invited like crazy, there were over 25 investigators in this bus, it was amazing!  We're all coming to this temple as a family, I've already decided it! 

The thing with this area is that stuff just happens.  We work really really hard and things still fall and people are still sketchy and unreliable but then things just fall out of the sky for us and they ROCK.  Also, we had a stake conference yesterday with Elders Uchtdorf and Holland it was pretty rad!  They talked a lot about home and family so not a whole lot to apply right now but yeah, cool to hear Elder Holland try to speak Spanish lol. 

Questions.  My comp is great, he was in the office for 7 months so he's just stoked to be out in the field again and were just killing each other.  We're working our butts off every day and every day we come in dead and satisfied with the work we've done.  His name is Elder R and hes from Rosemond California.  Also mom, no worries on the microbus, it was totally safe, there were guard rails and stuff :)  I'm also sitting next to a very nice box that I happen to have already opened and YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOD STUFF IN THAT BOX! 

As for the tree thing, new family tradition.  Every year, no matter what, kids spouses notwithstanding, we three kids will come to mom and dads house and set up the tree like we've always done.  That's how it will be, end of story.  Mom played Rock Band!  What songs did y'all do?  Also, there's a modifier to make the track speeds better so no worries there ;)  Also, who sings now? Dad?  And mom, hows the health going?  Still improving? 

Oh well, I think that's all, love you all!
-Elder Westenskow

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