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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Changes! - 11/8/11

So no email yesterday because elections were Sunday and we didn't know if travel would be safe Monday morning so that's the reason for that :)  Also, I got changes haha.  Yep, they closed Cunén in the middle of the change and they're splitting up Elder B and I.  One of our APs got changed and so I'm going with the old AP in Xela and we're still not exactly sure where Elder B is going but that's the exciting things that happened this week haha.  We got called yesterday morning and they were like, "you both have changes, pack everything be in Quiche tomorrow for Pday and then come to Xela on Wednesday"  So I'm out of Cunén, kinda sucked, I really didn't want to go, I wasn't expecting it at all either.  But saying goodbye to everyone was pretty hard, I didn't enjoy that part.  But that's the way that life is, you don't always get what you want.  Plus, I'm going to be in Xela super close to the temple and I can't think of a better time to be where I'm going :)
A request first if I may, Dad, while you're loading up the iPod, if you still have all the hymns on your itunes, please throw them on there for good measure :)  Mom, I'm glad you liked your gift, let me know when it all comes together and happens and what not, I want to hear how it works :)  The primary program sounds AWESOME!  I can't promise I'll be there next year like Nicole but if you're still doing it in fall of 2013 I'll sit front row!  Meagan, well done on the decorations, they look great!  (Now write me! haha)  Also, about your birthday party, the last time everyone slid on their socks I got busted because it was too loud, what gives!  In response to your question, the microbus was moving super duper fast and the wind was blowing so that's the face haha.   Also, I echo dad's words, mom is AWESOME!  And my head is fine, I don't have pictures because they wouldn't have shown up, I didn't even know it was cracked til a couple kids were like "hay sangre en su cabello" ahah
But as for my week, it was pretty good haha.  A little slow but good.  We had a birthday celebration for mom and  Elder B's mom at the only restaurant in Cunén, it was really good!  We had an... interesting meeting with Alvaro.  I explained more fully in the letter but suffice to say he told us that he was already converted, that the Book of Mormon wasn't true and we should get rid of it and that he didn't want to meet with us again so.... yeah lol... he's dropped.  Also, Anna was dropped because she too told us she didn't want to meet with us.  We actually had a really good cita with Rodriguez family though, we read 3 Nephi 11 with them and talked about it and when we asked if they were baptized they said they had all been baptized as babies but Andres was like "That whole thing doesn't really make sense to me, why do they baptize babies, it seems pointless if baptism is so important and a decision" so we asked them to pray if they should be baptized in our church.  We had another cita with them that fell which sucks especially now since we're gone... just when they were starting to turn positive.  We also met a really cool guy contacting, he wasn't interested in the church but we ended up walking with him for about an hour and just chatting, we went down this road looking for houses and there weren't a ton... hardly any and we didn't really realize how far we'd gone with him but it was a good talk :)  We also spent some time in Uspantan with less actives but yeah.  Sunday was election day and we had to stay in the house all day which was really really boring haha.  But we made due watching church movies haha.  I already explained about yesterday so yeah that's the week :) 
Hope everyone has a good week and I love you all!
-Elder Westenskow

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