Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Lord Prepares His Children 2/18/2013

Hard Working Elders!

 Hi Family!

Well mom, I think first I'll attempt to answer some questions for the email moms.  What type of shoes should they get? The Eccos really are good shoes, if someone takes really good care of them they'll last the whole mission I think.  About the shirts, they should definitely get the kind I got (Mr. Mac) with the thicker fabric, if not, they'll get holes and stuff, all my shirts are still in great condition (just a little yellow).  But really, don't fret too much, you can find anything here, the size doesn't really matter, the pacas have it all.  So really just don't worry too much :)
Now, about our investigators, first of all, Henry was able to get confirmed yesterday, a little scary since I hate leaving people a whole week without the spirit. But he came to church on time and was confirmed and presented before the ward and it was all fine and good :) So we're really stoked about that. Another member of Central :)

As far as Amelia and Evelyn, they officially have their three attendances needed to be baptized seeing as they came to church yesterday.  We were going to try to baptize them this Saturday but I don't think that will happen, more likely for the 2nd of March but we have a cita tomorrow so we'll see what happens.  :) But we're really excited, even better that all the classes were on the spirit and personal revelation and Amelia learned a lot :) so we're stoked there!  

Also, Valezca, Osmars little sister came to church yesterday too. We're hoping to baptize her in March as well.  
I don't know if I've mentioned a girl named Karla to you guys but she works for some members. She's been to church twice now and has a fecha bautismal for the 2nd of March.  She's super pilas.  She prayed to be able to find work with good people who could help her to fix her life and turn things around, she also prayed to be able to find a church that would help her be able to do that, that she had real desires to change and wanted Gods help.  Pure coincidence (NOT!) that she ended up working for and living with some super pilas members and she's just eating everything up, she reads like crazy, prays really well and attends church.  So we're stoked there. A real testimony that the Lord truly does prepare his children to receive the gospel and many times we are just instruments in his hands to bring his work to pass.  It's an amazing experience to see someone so prepared and so willing to do the necessary to change, they just do it. It's fantastic :)  

Those are pretty much our most positive investigators, we have  a really good month for March lined up and were super stoked about it. Dad, good luck in all your travels, I know it must stink sometimes but you can do it! 

Elder Westenskow

Procession through Central Park

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Gospel Brings So Much Happiness!! 2/11/2013

Hey there family, obviously the photos attached are not in need of much description. Henry was indeed baptized on Saturday evening in a very special service, very strong spirit that confirmed to all present that what we were doing was absolutely the will of the Lord.

Makes me think of a family that was baptized one year ago today, congratulations to the family Castillo, exactly one year ago they too were entering the waters of baptism. I received a phone call from Walter this morning telling me that all was going ahead as planned for the sealing, they have already began their classes for temple prep and I'm blown away by the progress that they have had. What a wonderful family, what a wonderful plan that our Heavenly Father has given us, the opportunity to be together forever. What a blessing :) The best part is that it's extended to all people! We can all receive this blessing if we will be but faithful to the commandments of God.
Now about the rest of the people we are teaching, this week was stake conference so not very many people attended. Juan did though! Which was a huge surprise, he's seriously confused and is trying to decide between our church and the evangelical church. He told us on Friday that he was pretty much evangelical but thanks for the invitation to stake conference so we thought we'd lost him, but he showed up to stake conference so we'll see what happens. We're going to FHE there tonight so we'll see what Juan has to say.  
Amelia couldn't go but we do know (from her employer) that she quit her job that she had for Sunday afternoons so now she'll have the entire day free and she said that she was going to start going to church so we're pretty stoked for that :) We challenged her to baptism and she accepted so we're pretty stoked ;)
Julieta, we visited her with President on Wednesday and she also accepted an invitation to be baptized. Unfortunately, her son got sick Saturday night so she couldn't come to church but she seems a lot more positive now that she's started to READ!!!! So we're seeing some progress there.  
As far as I go, I'm super duper! Actually a really good week personally. I've been studying some really interesting things with regards to covenants and the covenants that I've made and the promises associated. I had an interview with President to renew my recommend and lets just say that I learned a lot of things. I'm really just feeling great, life is great, the mission is great. All of it.  
If I had any advice for new missionaries, it would be to just chill.  Life here in Xela and the mission is chill, you can find almost anything you need (unless you're in Momos).  Just don't focus too much on the "stuff" that you bring, you won't end up needing the majority of it. Clothes, books, bathroom supplies, the essential. And a good umbrella ha ha. Things not on the list but needed, nothing really. What do I wish I had known? That the mission really is just the best thing every, everyone says it but it's really true. The gospel brings so much happiness to our lives when we truly live it and that's what the mission is, we teach others the gospel and at the same time learn how to live it ourselves. I love the gospel, I love the Lord, I love my family, all 3 rock!  
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! 
Elder Westenskow

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great Week! 2/4/2013

Hey there!

First off, I got the package! And to answer, Elder Cruz is in a place called Chirijox in Nahuala and Elder DeLora is in Chikoral in Momos. So that's pretty great for both of them. 
As for us, things are going great, I had to do some zone stuff so I'm short on time but I'll give ya the rundown.  Henry is officially going to get baptized on Saturday!!!  We're pretty stinkin' excited, it's been a long process but he's super excited, he even started paying his tithing.  So that's pretty great, the only problem before was attendance but that's now been taken care of so we're pretty excited :)  

Amelia and Evelyn are also progressing really well, they couldn't come to church because Amelia had to enter early in her work but she was like "I felt really bad for not going, I really, really wanted to" so we're going to go visit them with President this week and see if we can put a fecha :) We're pretty excited about that :) They'll most likely be baptized this month.  

We also found a really, really positive investigator named Adriana.  She's the girlfriend of a member. We found her kinda on accident, looking for one of the kids of this member who is not baptized. We taught her and she LOVED the Plan of Salvation and baptisms for the dead (I don't remember how that came up but she LOVED it ha ha) She even came to church yesterday and turns out she's really good friends with our Relief Society president.  So we're pretty stoked about that too!

We had an excellent conference with Elder Martino, area president this week, learned A LOT! And we got to have a special conference just for ZLs and learn how to be better leaders and stuff, it was super great!  So really good week all around!

So yeah, that's life, I am super happy and alegre and all that good stuff! 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Have a great week!
Elder Westenskow

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"A God of Miracles" 1/28/2013

Hi Family! How are you all doing? Good I hope. As for me and my week, it was good. I don't know if there was any one special moment that made it a good week, just consistent good things happening. We had A LOT of fallen citas but we came out having taught 24 lessons between investigators and less actives so that was a lot of fun :)  We were able to get with most of our investigators and the best news was that we set a fecha with Henry! HE'S BACK!  And he's stoked again, he says now he really feels ready to be baptized so on the 9th of February we're going to help him realize that desire.  It's really excellent to see how the spirit of the Lord has worked on him to give him these desires that he now has to truly follow Christ and walk in his way. He even payed his tithing, so that was super cool.

We were also able to go with Amelia and Evelyn and they came to church AGAIN. We were going to put the fecha but we couldn't, the baby was crying and I think Amelia was super distracted. But we'll keep trying, don't worry. 

I'm also including a picture of a Book of Mormon from 1952 that I found in a used book store this week for 10 quetz haha.
And last, just a cool scripture photo :) One of my favorites.  (Mormon 9:11)

 Also, Juan, a guy that has been to a couple FHEs with a family here was also able to come to church yesterday so that was a big improvement :) As far as specific news or stories, I'm a little short this week, just having a good time, my comp rocks.  We just joke around a lot. It's good stuff.  But he's a really good teacher as well and so it all works out.  We have a conference tomorrow with Elder Martino and then another one on Friday so we're pretty stoked about that.  It's good stuff.  So I'm pretty stoked for this week, it'll be great! 
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Have a great week everyone!
Elder Westenskow