Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!! 12/26/11

This email is mostly for all you faithful readers out there because I TALKED TO MY FAMILY YESTERDAY!!!  INCLUDING NICOLE!!! (for those of you that don't know, Andrew's sister is also serving a mission in Guatemala)

So here was my week. The biggest event is Walter.  He's really progressing really well.  He's reading and praying with his family.  He's asking good questions, he's learning and applying what he learns, it's spectacular!  Plus, He came to church yesterday!!!!  That was probably the best present I could have gotten for Christmas!  It was so legit to see him sitting there with his family and everything all his kids dressed up and all that good stuff!  One cool thing, last lesson we explained the baptismal covenant and the sacrament and then at church he wouldn't take the sacrament nor let any of his kids do it haha HE'S LEARNING AND APPLYING!!! LOVE IT!  We also found a guy named Geronimo, he was supposed to come to church on Sunday but he was sick so he couldn't but he's already reading and stuff and we've only taught him once so he's very legit!  We're teaching him again this week and he's committed to go to church the next week, he's really, really interested!  Other exciting news, our house flooded this week based on something stupid that we did but we got it all cleaned up and good stuff like that, all around not a big deal :) 

This week was also Christmas parties.  We had the mission Christmas conference where Elder Ronfeldt was the elf.  I also got to see my whole group. 

We also had a zone party which was a lot of fun, we went to a Chinese buffet... as dad pointed out, A Chinese buffet, on Christmas, in Guatemala... a bit strange I know haha.  We also got to play some sports which was a ton of fun as always :) 

On Christmas we had Christmas Breakfast (french toast, eggs, and bacon!!!)  So all deliciousness there!  Then we went to church which was just a small program put on by the bishopric where we sang a lot of songs and listened to them talk about the Christmas season :)  THEN THE PHONE CALL!!!  GOOD STUFF THERE!!!  And that was Christmas, passed without too much hoopla (except for the hours of fireworks starting at midnight on Christmas Eve haha.  )  But yeah, everything is good. We're having a good time and getting excited to get back to work after a pretty chill week.   

LOVE YOU ALL!! Sorry this is so short, enjoy seeing Nicole soon :) (Nicole will be home on January 5,2012)
-Elder Westenskow

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quetzaltenango Temple Dedication 12/12/11

Hey there!

First off, I think this email might be a bit short, we had a kinda rough week but no worries :)  Life is good.  First, I'm glad to hear that the Christmas party went well! And mom, sweet job on Battle of the Bands, I'm sure it was rad!  And the Haycock party sounds fun too!  I'm feeling good and healthy and fine inside, no worries on health.   

This week was alright.  We did divisions and I went with Elder W's trainer for a day which was fun, he's a fun guy and we had a good day :)  We've also been developing this week a really good plan for the area.  President in January is going to give us a pair of senior, working missionaries just to work with less actives to increase attendance!  It'll be really rad I think, and it'll help a lot!  The two main events this week were a lesson with W and the temple dedication.  W is really the only investigator who is going anywhere, everyone else seemed really positive at first and is now avoiding us haha.  So yeah.  But W is really really progressing.  He's committed to go to church with us.  He's really trying to develop faith and understand all of the things we teach.  I'm not sure I've ever felt the spirit as strong in a lesson, it was amazing.  He's just such a legit guy, really trying his hardest to develop the faith he's looking for and follow Christ, I love this guy!

The biggest event was the temple dedication.  We got to attend all 3 sessions which was awesome!  Elder Anderson and President Uchtdorf came and talked in all 3 and they were just really amazing!  It was such a blessing to be able to go!  I gave a really good rundown in the letter that I sent this week so I won't spoil too much here but it was just amazing!  Really a blessing to be able to attend all 3 and feel the spirit and listen to the prayer that many times.  Really just very grateful for that opportunity.  I'm really just so glad to be here, we've had a rough couple weeks but were staying strong and keeping faith that things will work out :)  Love you guys!
Have a great week, the church is true!
-Elder Westenskow

I Had My First Baptism!! 12/5/11

Hey there!  This email may be a bit disorganized but... well... you'll all be okay for it :) 

So, Dad, I'm glad you liked the talk.  The method isn't perfect but it works well enough :)  And I'm glad you're still enjoying the letters (silly names and all).  I LOVED the story about the cardboard cutout in the shower.  And speaking of the rat, has anyone seen it for a while? haha.  And about getting along with my comp, it's going great!  There's always the little ticks about anyone that'll bug you if you spend 24/7 with them but overall everything is going great! He's a great elder, a hard worker, and I'm really enjoying my time and not looking forward to when it ends.  We don't really share any interests, in fact, were pretty much complete opposites but it leads to some fun conversations haha. 

I'll get to the teaching people later haha.  The weather here, COLD!  We went to church yesterday and I'm not joking when I say it was Idaho winter semester weather.  There was frost on the ground and we were DYING from the cold haha.  My clothes and shoes are holding up really well!  Everything is serving perfectly.  Also I'm glad to know I'm still the rock band master, in 19 months I'll probably have to take some time to get back into the groove but it'll be good :)  And I was really glad to hear about moms health :)  

I loved hearing about Dads family history work too, sounds like a lot of fun and a really useful work to be doing! 

This week was a little rough, we didn't get as much done as we wanted to but we still worked hard, trying to contact all the temple references.  We had a super good lesson with W this week, he's really progressing.  From last week saying he wouldn't tell us that he would go to church he's now telling us that he'll do everything possible to get to church next week haha so he's looking good :)   and Y are becoming less positive but we're going to try to meet them a few more times before we give up :)  

Also, we moved this week.  After dividing the area we lived really far from where we work so we found a new house this week and moved in.  It's a really nice house and I'll get pictures next week :)  On Saturday we had a really special event.  K, the investigator that we inherited from the sisters, was married and baptized.  I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!  I attended one of the sisters but it was amazing to see someone I've gotten to know and love get into the water, my first baptism!!!!!  Good stuff :)  Next week we'll for sure have a good week, we've got some good plans to find new people and get teaching more and more, should be getting some January baptisms as well :) 

-Elder Westenskow