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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Lord Prepares His Children 2/18/2013

Hard Working Elders!

 Hi Family!

Well mom, I think first I'll attempt to answer some questions for the email moms.  What type of shoes should they get? The Eccos really are good shoes, if someone takes really good care of them they'll last the whole mission I think.  About the shirts, they should definitely get the kind I got (Mr. Mac) with the thicker fabric, if not, they'll get holes and stuff, all my shirts are still in great condition (just a little yellow).  But really, don't fret too much, you can find anything here, the size doesn't really matter, the pacas have it all.  So really just don't worry too much :)
Now, about our investigators, first of all, Henry was able to get confirmed yesterday, a little scary since I hate leaving people a whole week without the spirit. But he came to church on time and was confirmed and presented before the ward and it was all fine and good :) So we're really stoked about that. Another member of Central :)

As far as Amelia and Evelyn, they officially have their three attendances needed to be baptized seeing as they came to church yesterday.  We were going to try to baptize them this Saturday but I don't think that will happen, more likely for the 2nd of March but we have a cita tomorrow so we'll see what happens.  :) But we're really excited, even better that all the classes were on the spirit and personal revelation and Amelia learned a lot :) so we're stoked there!  

Also, Valezca, Osmars little sister came to church yesterday too. We're hoping to baptize her in March as well.  
I don't know if I've mentioned a girl named Karla to you guys but she works for some members. She's been to church twice now and has a fecha bautismal for the 2nd of March.  She's super pilas.  She prayed to be able to find work with good people who could help her to fix her life and turn things around, she also prayed to be able to find a church that would help her be able to do that, that she had real desires to change and wanted Gods help.  Pure coincidence (NOT!) that she ended up working for and living with some super pilas members and she's just eating everything up, she reads like crazy, prays really well and attends church.  So we're stoked there. A real testimony that the Lord truly does prepare his children to receive the gospel and many times we are just instruments in his hands to bring his work to pass.  It's an amazing experience to see someone so prepared and so willing to do the necessary to change, they just do it. It's fantastic :)  

Those are pretty much our most positive investigators, we have  a really good month for March lined up and were super stoked about it. Dad, good luck in all your travels, I know it must stink sometimes but you can do it! 

Elder Westenskow

Procession through Central Park

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