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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Faith and Prayers 12/17/2012

Hello Family!

First off, if you want a good look at my area, watch this, it was almost all filmed in my area:
(The audio is in Spanish, but there are English subtitles available. Click play, in the bottom toolbar a caption button will pop up [CC], click on that for the subtitles.)
Thought you might like that.  
Now, I GOT THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!! So that's super exciting, I got the tree all decorated with presents and the little ornaments that y'all sent. Super cool, THANKS a lot as well for the scriptures, that was really cool :)  I'll let you know what I think of the rest when I open it! LOOOOVES!!

Now, the gazebo thing that you saw is a gazebo. That's pretty much what it is, just a place for people to chill and stuff like that, the park is actually really cool and a lot of that video is in central park. About my shoes, they're new! I bought 4 pairs for like 100 quetz, yay for pacas and bartering! So I'm fine on shoes. I still have my boots but I don't really use them ha ha. The weather is fine, it gets COLD at night but we do alright.
First off, Henry. We had to bump his fecha back because he didn't come to church. So we told him that and he was like, alright. But then on Friday we visited him and when we talked about baptism he was like "listen, I was super stoked to get baptized on the 8th but then when you guys told me that for reasons of attendance I would have to wait. I just thought of the story in the bible where the guy had desires to be baptized and he saw a lake and was baptized, there was no rules or restrictions. So when y'all told me that I just got kinda unexcited. I want to keep going to church and I'll get baptized later but now I want to wait" .................................... So we just testified to him that the need that he felt before is still there and he's supposed to pray and ask if he should wait or go through with it. We're still waiting to see what happens there. 

HOWEVER; with Bryan and Yisenia. We went and were confirming the fecha (they had the attendances to be baptized on the originally planned 22nd but Osmar would have to wait because he didn't go once) so we're talking and they said they weren't sure if they wanted to be baptized. We talked about the book of Mormon and one true church and the need to pray and ask if they should be baptized. Osmar was like "alright, the 29th then, no problem :)" so hes pilas. However, everyone came to church yesterday so were pretty stoked, we think they might go through with it anyway.  So prayers there would be appreciated :)

We also have Pablo. We're hoping to baptize him this month. He has a testimony of the church and the gospel and all of it but he's just not 100 percent sure about baptism but he too is supposed to pray and ask if he should be baptized so we're hoping for that as well for the 29th. 

We also found a pretty cool family this week, the family Citatlan. We didn't meet the parents but the grandma and kid are LEGIT. We watched a Christmas video with them and set a cita to go back and see them. So we're hoping for good things, the dad is an inactive member and the rest of the family aren't members. So we're hoping for good things there as well :)  We have some other people as well but the most positives are these. Like I said, kinda a rough week, we're trying really hard, so please, prayers and faith for us and for the zone. We need the help and the miracles that can come :) Just a little stressed, not much ha ha. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 

Elder Westenskow

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