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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hoping For A White Christmas!! 12/10/2012

Hi Family,

This week I sent pics of our tree and lunch last week with the wonderful Family Castillo :)

I'll also let y'all know, I forgot my notebook with my notes so I'm running on memory but I think I remember stuff :) The questions mom asked I'm not sure on but I do remember you guys went to like Seattle or Portland or something and that you toured under the streets, legit! Great week :=)

We also had a great week here in the city. Still in trio but we're having a good time.

As for investigators, most people are progressing quite nicely :) Henry, after 2 absences came to church yesterday and he's super stoked for his newly put fecha for the 22 of December :) He has a couple doubts but nothing huge, mostly about sabbath day, but he's chill, he'll be baptized :)

Also, we put fechas with Bryan, Yisenia, and their cousin Osmar! All for the 22nd but Osmar will have to be pushed back because he got sick and couldn't come to church but they're all pretty stoked. We ended up just taking a couple steps back and just read the Book of Mormon with them for like 2 weeks and now they WANT to be baptized and that's the important part :) So were pretty stoked there!

Also, Pablo. He's new, he's not a member but he's at church almost every week, he just never wants to meet with us but we have all the support of the members and we have a cita with him tonight so we're hoping  to be baptizing him this month as well.  Christmas is getting close and we're looking to give the best gift we can to our Savior, a white Christmas of baptisms, and it seems like we'll make it!

We also found a new family, the family Garcia. The dad is a less active but really wants to come back to church and his wife, Heidi is suuuuuuuper interested in the church's focus on the family :) So we're pretty stoked about that, it would be for January but we're pretty stoked.  

Also, we had a super opportunity to have a conference with Elder Martino, president of the area Central America and there were 20 elders there and President Bautista. Just the Zone Leaders, the assistants, the secretaries and president. To receive council and instruction from our area president, it was super exciting, really good meeting, tons of ideas of how to baptize more as a mission. We're really, really focused on baptizing and excited to see the results of our newly placed focus and drive. 

As I said, this was a super duper good week, we had a ton of success and we're excited for what this week can bring, thanks so much mom for the recipe, I'll try to remember to take pictures :) LOOOOVES!!!!
Elder Westensanta

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