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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Week in Xela!! 12/3/2012

Hey familiares,

First I'll explain the pictures, we have Thanksgiving dinner and we have a legit Jenga game that we played that got suuuuuuuuper high!  
Now, to answer questions, is my area similar to Esperanza? not really. It's the difference between Salt Lake and Riverton, Esperanza would kind be like a suburb of Xela ha ha That's weird, never thought of it that way :)  Central Park is just that, a park in the middle of the city. Kinda like a town center ha ha.  Are we close to the mission home/offices? It's about a 15 minute walk from my house so yeah :)

And it's funny that you ask about the shoes because this week my second pair died. There's no heel on them anymore ha ha. But we're going to MegaPaca today to look for shoes so you should be getting a little debit card alert :) Just so ya know.  And as for how big the area is, I have no idea, but we have a mountain so with that it's pretty big, other than that, it's pretty small ha ha.  

Glad y'all had a great week, I'd like to go to the zoo when I get back :)

Now, as for me, I'm shortish on time so yeah, but this week was another week of  40 contacts so that was a lot of fun ha ha.  We did a LOT of knocking doors and I'm pretty sure that we talked to every single person in our area ha ha. But anyway, we did find some people that could be positive but if anything comes of it I'll let you know.
As for investigators, we have to push back Henry's baptism because he didn't come to church. He got his wisdom teeth out so that didn't really help him. But he is super excited about baptism, stuff just keeps happening so that's a bummer but he's good :)

We are also still going with Bryan and Yisenia but were also teaching their cousin, Osmar now who came to church yesterday! He seemed to like it and he really enjoys the things we teach, we want to challenge him to be baptized this week so we'll see what happens there :)  

However, the crowning event of the week was that on Friday, I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!! With Wimmer ha ha. He's not even close to my zone but it was all the people with more than a year that hadn't gone yet so we went! That's why you got a charge from the distribution center, I needed garments ha ha. But yeah, it was like being really really really really thirsty and then drinking water, so RELIEVING!!! Such a good spirit, learned so much. REALLY enjoyed it :)

Apart from that, we also hit 17 months this past week, gettin' there :)

Now, I do need a favor, we're going to be having Christmas fun so I'm going to need the recipe for Maranda salad if you could send that to me :) Thanks a lot!

Now, today is a special day, Walter's daughter turned 10 on Wednesday and invited me and my comps to lunch so we're going to Esperanza today, how exciting! We're pretty stoked :) Welp, I think that's it for me, a good week here in Xela.

Elder Westenskow

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