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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving...Guatemalan Style!! 11/26/2012

First, to answer questions, about my area and zone and stuff.  My zone is called Zona Xela Centro.  Exciting, I know. The area has an even more exciting name. El Centro. Because, you guessed it, el Centro is part of the area ha ha. I have the official central park of Xela in my area which is actually kinda cool, it's a super pretty park, especially this time of year ha ha. It's a ward with an attendance of about 140 so that's pretty cool.  Our house is actually SUUUUUPER nice. And we have a bunch of crap because they like to spoil us. We have a huge fridge and microwave and all that good stuff.  I really actually like the area. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that I'll be spending ANOTHER Christmas in Xela about 7 minutes from where I was last year ha ha.  But it's gonna be chill. Me and DeLora are gonna have a great Christmas, we already have a lot of plans ha ha. 

Now about my comp. His name is Elder DeLora from Fresno California. He's a little shorter than me and a built guy. He plays football ha ha.  But he's legit, we were friends before being comps so that helped a lot. We're excited to be working hard and we're really, really stoked.  To answer, the temple is maybe 10 minutes away, but it's not in my zone. It's in Xela Oeste where Esperanza is.

Dude, tree raising, nice pics! I can imagine how fun it was, we should be having our own tree raising here pretty quick.  We're probably going to buy it on Saturday.  So yeah, as for Thanksgiving, THANK YOU GRANDMA HEALEY for a great package that included turkey dinners.  We also managed to find a pumpkin pie which we cut and served with a machete, just to make it a little Guatemalan ha ha.  But yeah.

As far as investigators go. Some people that seemed super positive turned out to be not so positive this week but we did have a good lesson with Henry. He accepted a fecha! He was supposed to be baptized on the 8th of December but he didn't come to church yesterday because it was his graduation from school so we have to bump it back but he's still set to be baptized :) He just accepts everything, super prepared :)

Mariela, also had some difficulties there. Her mom won't let her be baptized until next year. She says "Yeah, I know her decision is made and I know that it's a good thing but she can't go til next year" so we'll see if we'll have a new years baptism :)

We also have some news. People that have come to church now 2 weeks in a row, we thought they were members but it turns out that they're not sooooo we're going to be baptizing them. Just the kids in the family for now, but still, it's legit :) We're pretty excited about the month of December, it'll be great. We had a great week, life is good and I'm a happy dude.
Elder Westenskow

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