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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great Week in Chichi!! 10/29/2012

Greetings to all from wonderful, beautiful CHICHICASTENANGO!!!! I do hope that all are as happy as I am as we prepare to celebrate this wonderful holiday of Halloween also known as MOMS BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!

Now, I'll try to answer the pressing questions.  My area is LEGIT!!! It's a little more cityish than San Antonio but not super city.  There are a TON of gringos because the market here is super famous because its CRAZY!!! I'm going to be spending money here for things for y'all (hence the withdrawal this morning :)) But its GREAT!!! I encourage y'all to look it up online and you'll find all the information that you want.  Now, about the comps. Being in a trio is not as bad as I thought it would be. We're trying to work hard and help them to get up to working HARD!  They're both cool. 

Also, just so ya know, I hit 16 months today.... 8 months haha.  I'm not baggy but it's starting to look close :)

And bad news, I still have no package.  Lame. I think it's lost haha.

Anyway, about my week.  It was a GREAT week.  It was an odd week because I've never worked this not hard before but we saw some good stuff.  First and best, Ernesto Mejia.  He's a dude. A guy you would never think to teach by his appearance. He's covered from head to toe in tattoos.  But he's a LEGIT guy.  He wants to follow Christ and learn how to avoid temptations and leave old things behind.  We taught him twice and were able to put a fecha for the 24th of November with him. He's a cake decorator by profession haha. But that's legit.  So we're stoked about that :)

Next, Carmen. She's a señora and she's super great.  We got into her house offering to do service, washed some laundry and then chatted.  We went back and taught the restoration and she loved it!  She's SUUUUUPER Catholic but she accepted a Book of Mormon and to read and pray.  The spirit was so crazy strong in the lesson and at the end we were like "so do you have any questions" and she was like "well, its clear in the Bible that Jesus was always healing people, so why doesn't he do it today, what made him stop" so we testified of the priesthood and that we can be healed. It was great :)

Next, and last, Jorge Mario.  He showed up to church yesterday.  Just showed up. Nobody invited him haha. So there's not a whole lot to tell but he just came because he was interested and after sacrament meeting he was like "listen, can y'all come to my house and teach me?" and we're like "ummm yeah!" so we set a cita and we're going on Wednesday haha.  So that was exciting haha.  But that was pretty much my week.  I love my area, comps are good, investigators are good and life is great! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
Elder Westenskow

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