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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chichicastenango!! 10/22/2012

Well! First off, I'm going to answer the burning questions about changes.  I did indeed have changes. I had them today haha.  Weird was that they called us last night and were like "well, you have changes, and they're tomorrow, so be here in Huehue at 6am" Which means I left on a bus at 3am and was packing all night so I'm literally running on ZERO sleep haha.  BUT, life is all good because I'm pretty excited about my changes.  I'M BACK IN QUICHE!!!!!!!! I'm in Chichicastenango! Also known as like one of the best tourist markets EVER! Also, its known as a really good area in the mission.  Now, downside, I am in a trio haha. One is Elder Bench from my group from Las Vegas and the other is Elder Cruz from Honduras. SO! It'll be tough, but we're going to work hard and do all the stuff that we should do. :) I'll keep you updated. 

Leaving San Antonio was super sad especially because I was expecting to have today to say goodbye to everyone but that couldn't be done.  So here I am again in Quiche, later I'll go to my area and I'll always keep y'all super updated on all of it :) But I do feel good about my time in San Antonio, it's been super tough area, and there have been trials but all is well on the home front :)

Poor little Ginger, I do hope she's feeling better now, that she's less obsessed with food and water and all that stuff haha. Give her an extra hug from me :)  And silly Meagan, why'd you go to the ER? That was a strange move, but hey, glad that it all went well and you were able to get cured and all of that stuff.  And dad, you mentioned Elder Franco like... the dude that went home in August from my mission? Random haha, but glad you could learn something from the lesson that was prepared. 

As for us, we had a great week, we worked hard and found several news and received a bunch of references and just did good stuff basically.  Kinda a weird week but all good.  We got called randomly on Tuesday night that we had interviews with president on Wednesday at 9 that they had forgotten to tell us about haha.  But we got down and I was confirmed there that I did indeed have changes.  So that's all good :)

Pablo is still progressing, we hope for a baptismal date of the 10th of November so that he can take that step to be able to be with his family forever.  I hope to keep getting updates from SAH :) I will always remember with a great fondness that place :) We also had a great activity with one of our less actives, we had a dinner at her house in which we had her and some other members invite nonmember friends to be able to get to know each other in a low pressure environment.  And it worked! Most of the inviteds didn't show up but we were able to contact a reference from FOREVER ago and put a cita to teach the family. I don't know what'll happen but at least we did a good job with the activity. 

The truth is, I'm like dying of tiredness and can't really remember super well the stuff that's happened in this week but I'm excited for my changes and excited to be able to put in practice all I've learned in San Antonio in Chichi.  It'll be great! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!
Elder Westenskow

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