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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blessings!! 10/1/2012

First off, pictures are of us inside of a cave, but like, inside.  It was TOTALLY dark and there was a ton of bats and stuff and it was totally muddy and stuff but it was legit.  As well there's one of where we were and of how dirty I got ha ha.  But today was a super fun day! We left early to go to find some caves and hike a hill where you can find Mayan artifacts. Well, we found some caves (and they were super deep!) and we hiked the hill and I gathered probably 7 or 8 pounds of pot pieces, but you can clearly tell they're pot pieces, those Mayans sure didn't take too good of care of their pots! ha ha.  But nah, it was super duper fun!

Now, as far as the urgent questions you had, I believe they were all answered last week so yeah.  The temple dedication sounds EXCELLENT!!!!!!  I really wish I could have seen it but with the way that they're going, there will be another temple dedicated in Utah for when I get back ha ha. Did y'all have an exciting week as you had planned? Seemed like ya had some pretty good plans for the week, hope it went well, I'll see when I read later :)  And mom is now employed!.... sorta ha ha.  35 days a year, legit, just enough to give you something to do, like you said :)  

As for me, I am feeling good, life is always hard, and this area has been extremely hard, but there's no sense in dwelling on the things that are hard when we can just face them and do our best, and that's what I try to do.  I'm not perfect, of course, and I make  A LOT of mistakes, but I do try my best :)  Am I eating well? It depends how you define well, for Guatetemala, yah.  For the states, probably not, but hey, that's life :) ha ha.  All is well :)

Now as for our week, we did see a LOT of blessings this week.  The first being that Pablo (remember that guy) put his own fecha! After saying no I don't know how many times, after saying no and no and no.  He accepted, and he put his own fecha for the 20th of October.  We want to bring it a little closer but at the very least on that day he will be baptized, best part, he says that he doesn't want to be baptized in Huehue, he wants to be baptized in Huistas!!! LEGIT! Blessings.

Also, Clementino came to church yesterday! He loved it just like the last time that he went.  He also called me last night and told me he was 60 percent sure he would be baptized, that he just had to work out one thing and he'd be good.  He didn't want to tell me over the phone what it was.  I tried to put the fecha but couldn't ha ha.  Either way, BLESSING!

Ogler, is progressing GREAT! We taught him about the priesthood this week and this next week he's going to receive it!  So excited!  He comes to church with his white shirt and tie and helps control all the crazy kids and youth that always are running around ha ha.  He's great, and he'll be a great blessing for the branch until he goes on his mission!  Which he is excited to do, just need to maintain that excitement for the next year but he'll do it, he's great. BLESSING!

Apart from that the week could actually be seen as kinda a bummer because we had a LOT of rejection.  The good thing is that Pablo and Clementino are super positive.  The bad thing is they are our ONLY investigators.  So that's kinda bummer.  Everyone that we had apart was dropped this week but we're still looking and life is super great and all that stuff!  We did have a sweet youth activity planned and executed by the youth.  They did a little talent show, made lunch and had a pool party in the pool that's in the church ha ha.  It was sweet! So, maybe a little short the letter this week, but lots of love and hope y'all can get a shower of blessings as well! LOVE YOU!!!!! Have a great week, and enjoy conference this weekend, I sure will!
Elder Westenskow

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