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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Suit, Baptism & BUGS!! 9/24/2012

First up!  I got the suit done! AND I've included pictures ha ha. I sure do hope y'all like it because it's totally calidad as the say here ha ha. It's not really something for everyday use but it is something LEGIT to have ha ha. It's the traditional dress from a place called Todos Santos Cuchamatan here in Huehue and they ONLY wear it there but EVERYONE wears it ha ha. The ladies have their own separate corte but hey, I'm not gonna buy that ha ha. But I included pictures of me jamming out, scriptures, and missionary! With a tie and everything ha ha. Pretty crazy but seriously it's so legit!

How was the dedication of the temple? I've set a goal to go to every temple in Utah so now I've got one more on the list ha ha. But I'm assuming it was just great, temple dedications always are :) Who did it?

Now, I'll tell you right upfront, apart from a few events, we had a fairly uneventful week ha ha. We did go to Huehue and have an EXCELLENT conference on Thursday morning. We learned a new way to get baptisms. It's a plan that president has and it seems LEGIT! It's kinda in depth so I won't explain it here but just know I have a lot of confidence in this plan ha ha. Now, on top of everything would be the baptism of Ogler! Saturday, September 22, 2012 Ogler was baptized by Elder Vega and he was so happy! He was excited and ready and all of it. His mom even came! There's not a lot of details to say but the service was great, right there on the shore of the river. The spirit was strong as a few members shared their testimonies and even stronger as Ogler shared his. Great day all in all. On top of that, Edvin, from forever and a half ago, came to the baptism.  He came and said that seeing Ogler there he had desires to follow him, that he had reached a sort of crossroads in his life and that he needed to think about who he wanted to be and where he wanted to go with his life. So hopefully something good can come from that too.
Also, we had a good cita with Pablo in which he told us that he was almost ready to get baptized. Then on Saturday, we talked to his son and he told us that Pablo had said that he wanted to get baptized! So we might be doing that on Saturday, but I'll let y'all know.  It seems that after much time of nothing, things are looking up in las Huistas.  

Other than that, I just have a fun story.  So! I have a pair of speakers. This last week they started acting a little funny so I decided to open them up and see if I could figure out the problem. The problem turned out to be 9 problems. And the problems were about 3 or 4 inches long each. Cockroaches! 5 in one speaker and 4 in the other. They had entered in through where the air enters and made a nice little home there ha ha. Problem: Both my comp and I have  a HORRIBLE fear of cockroaches. And we couldn't get them to leave. SO, we soaked a few paper towels in bug spray, threw them in the speakers and shook them around a little bit so the cockroaches would get super mad. Then, as we took the back of the speakers back off, the bugs came RUNNING out. We had to chase them around and stamp on them and it was just super duper horrible ha ha. But I'm happy to report that my speakers now work very well ;)

Now, just a thought from the scriptures. I encourage y'all to go read the story in 1 Kings chapter 18 verses 17 - 39. The story of Elijah where he calls down fire from heaven. But put emphasis in verse 21. Hardcore. Read it and you'll see.  

LOVE YOU ALL!!! The church is true, y'all are great!
Elder Westenskow

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  1. Elder Westenskow you have no idea who I am however I googled and found your blog, I was drawn to your blog because of your current area, San Antonio Huista. I served in this area during my mission back from about February '99 - August '99. I loved that area at the time there was a family with an hermana connie that lived down there, she ran a little store, she lived with her father who I am guessing might be dead now, and her daughter and son I can not remember their names. She also had a sister that was a member they were related to the family that ran the bus service from Hue Hue to San Antonio. If she is still around tell her Elder Spicer says Hi. I would have to look at my journals for all of their names. she lived down past the way of the butcher shop where they killed the cows every Friday, don't know if they still do that or not, any how god speed and bless, work the area hard I loved it. if you want to followup email me at thanks again.