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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good Week!! 9/3/2012

How is everyone doing today? Great I hope. First off, to answer questions, I haven't gotten the package yet because I haven't gone to Huehue, but next Tuesday I am going to Huehue because it's changes so I'll get it there :)  You asked who went to the hole. Me, Vega, Elder Dautel, Elder Salgado, Edvin, Carlos, and Lacho. Just the Elders from my district and some jovenes from San Antonio. I know everyone was super stoked to see photos of an even bigger hole but we have to go next week instead haha.  So, patience ;)  Now to explain a bit the geography of the area. Huistas is the region. The two main cities are San Antonio Huista and Santa Ana Huista so that's the difference :)  Where we use internet depends on Pday activity.  If we're doing something in San Antonio we use it there, if we're in Santa Ana we use it here, luckily we're here today :)   
Also, how are we going to do the Guatemala trip, quick after I get back or what? Y'all aren't planning on coming to pick me up, right?  

Now, on to our week.  We had a good week, after dropping pretty much everyone we had a really hard time finding but we did get some news :)  But first, Pablo, we had a great cita with him in which we found out that he actually has a really good friend that had to give up a lot of things to be a member of the church, drinking, drugs, sabbath day, a bunch of stuff way more difficult than what Pablo has to do.  We also found out that this friend doesn't know that Pablo is going to church or anything, we encouraged him to talk to this friend this weekend in Huehue and to let us know more about him, his experience (hoping that the friend will animate Pablo a bit) I feel like it's a good plan :)

Johana, she's still kinda doin' the same thing, she'll get excited but then she gets bummed out.  She finally expressed some of her doubts this week to us about how she doesn't like how people from a lot of churches don't live their religion and we explained a TON of stuff to her about that and how it shouldn't matter what other people do and all that stuff, so hopefully we can see some progress there.  We are still feeling alright about it, waiting to see what she does.  But yeah.  She didn't come to church because some huge catholic bishop or something like that came to San Antonio and she went to sell... odd combo haha.

Now, we do have a surprise, last night we got a call from Marvin Marroquin, he asked us to come over.  We went and he apologized for the way he acted and the things he said and asked us to keep visiting them.... so that was unexpected but welcomed haha.  

We did have some news this week, a family of 4, the family Lopez that seem pretty positive. And a young couple, Diego and Juana.  Family Lopez don't go to any church but are looking and Diego and Juana have been going to the evangelical for like 5 months so they're not too deep in there :) So we're excited about that :)  There's not a whole ton to tell except for that they exist but I'll keep you all updated there :)

Finally, we had a GREAT Noche de Hermanamiento on Friday.  We played the game mom sent me "the best" and it went very very very very well :) Everyone loved it and had a great time and we applied it to the talents that we all have, that sometimes we have hidden talents that can help the whole move forward.  The best part was that the teams tied in the end and so we got to show that if we all work together, everyone wins.  It was great :)  

I guess, on paper, it seems like we didn't have the most exciting week but I promise it was great :) We're feeling good and looking forward to the last week of the change, we're going to find find find :) I love you all and hope you have  a great week :) LOVE YOU!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

Pictures are of me, creepy crawlies and all that good stuff :)

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