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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Have News!! 8/27/2012

First off, before I forget, I must tell you. I expressed to President Bautista in my letter to him last week a few of the setbacks that we've been having as well as the potential for success that appears to be in the near future, and asked to stay another change. Well, today he got back to me and told me that I'll be staying another change!!!!! So changes aren't for two weeks but I know already what's going to happen with me, I'm staying for another 6 weeks in San Antonio!!  I think that Elder Vega will have changes but nothing is for sure, we'll have to see what happens but at the very least I know I'll be here.  LOVE IT!!!! SO STOKED!!!

Now, that's awesome that y'all got to meet Zimmerman, that really excited me :) Although I was hoping for a little more detail on the visit, what kind of stories did he tell? What of my secrets do you know? Lemmie know the details :)  And you called him Conner.... Ew.  

Now, to answer mom, of the missionaries that you mentioned, I only don't know Elder Oborn, but I am up here in the jungle wilderness and I haven't been to Huehue for a long time so I don't know hardly any new Elders haha.  But from the ones you mentioned, they are legit.  Hna Broadbent is from my group so she's going home soon...... WEEEEEEIIIIIRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to calm your doubts, sunglasses are indeed okay. There is nothing in the mission rules against them, of course I don't wear them contacting or anything but on a bus when the sun is CRAZY it's fine :)  And to answer dad, everyone in the mission got microwaves, not just us, it was just that time. There have been rumors for the last year (weird I can say that haha) and the rumors finally came true.

Now, we have news about investigators as well. We dropped a TON of people. Fam Marroquin (we're pretty sad about that one, but they decided the didn't want anything. Marvin had a hard time because it doesn't say in the Bible that Sunday is the Sabbath day... he told us if we couldn't show him in the Bible where it says SUNDAY that he can't continue with us).  Anyone who's studied the Sabbath Day knows that it doesn't say SUNDAY but that we know it through modern revelations.  But he didn't want to accept that. A few other people as well we dropped, so we're looking forward to finding news and all that good stuff :)

Now, we do have good news. There ARE people who want to be baptized... but of course they have desafios.  More than anything Sabbath day, meaning attendance.  First,two brothers. Their parents are chill if they get baptized but they don't want anything, but one of them works for his dad Sunday mornings and he can't get it off, so we're working with that. But we sat down and we're like "so the other Elders talked to you about baptism" "yeah" "and what do you think about that" "I want to be baptized" ..... so we just need to get them attending haha.  

Johana, she gets super excited for a few days then no, then yeah, then no.  So, we'll see what happens there.  Pablo  FINALLY told us his doubt, he didn't know why he needed to be rebaptized if he was baptized in the Catholic church as a baby. So we explained that and left him to pray haha.  We also had a great cita with Clemantino, he pretty much wants to get baptized, he just needs to attend, the most difficult compromise to get people to keep haha. But things are going good here and I'm going to be another change :)  Our members went to the temple on Saturday and it was super cool to see them so excited to go, I'm way happy for them.  

Also, just a thought that I LOVED!!!  A lady gave her talk yesterday and it was on obedience.  She talked a little about how a lot of people go to whatever church they go to and then in the afternoon they're drunk or fighting or working or something.  And she said something I loved!!  "Si no vivimos nuestra religion, no estamos haciendo nada mas que calentar un poco las sillas y no nos sirve por nada" roughly translated.  "If we don't live our religion, we just come to church to warm the chair a little and it does us no good"  Just a thought I loved :)  I hope y'all like this email, I'm kinda running but I hope I'm understood, sorry no pics this week we're on slow Internet again but hey, that's life :) I'm happy, content, alive, and well, and absolutely in love with the mission :) 
-Elder Westenskow

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