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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progress! 8/13/2012

Well hello family!  

So, this week. We have some developments that will interest those out there who read. The family Armas. We finally got out of them why they are pretty hesitant. A few years ago the elders went to their house and taught them about 3 times. In the fourth visit the elders got to their house and said "hey, so this Saturday, we have everything ready and we're going to baptize you in the river. Just be there at such and such an hour" and of course they didn't like that because God has given us all our free agency and so they said no and that the elders couldn't just take the decision for them. So, when we went on Sunday we just sat down with all of them and we're like, "okay, we want to wash our hands of this mess so here we go. It was not right what the elders did. That's not how things are. Clearly we have the same objective as them.  But, we want you guys to arrive at the desire to be baptized through your own personal experiences and all that good stuff" and they seemed to like it and opened up to us. So, PROGRESS!!!!!

Now, I don't know if I've already told you about Garillo, but he's a reference from a member, an old investigator. So we went and taught him last week and challenged him to be baptized and he says he wants to! Just a matter of getting him to church. Because he's told a bunch of people that he wants to be Mormon ha ha. We received this reference from like 4 people in different times ha ha. So we're going to keep going with that. He seems cool it's just a matter of getting him to church.  

Now, we also have 3 jovenes. Marlin, Areli, and Darlin. They almost got baptized almost a year ago and nobody knows why they didn't. And they still want to apparently. We only were able to meet with the smallest, Darlin of 14 years but he REALLY wants to be baptized ha ha. So we put a fecha for the 19th but I think we'll have to change it so he can go with his siblings. But hey, its a FECHA!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! Two and a half changes and finally I put a fecha ha ha.  

We also had several really, really good less active visits which led to an excellent Sunday. We reactivated 2 more people officially which brings the number of people reactivated since I've been here to 5 and they say a reactivation is as good as a baptism so.... Go me? ha ha. Nah, I feel great about it and it really was a great block of meetings yesterday.  Other good news, president called me on Friday night to tell me that Saturday morning he wanted us to be in Santa Ana so he could give us something.  That something? MICROWAVE!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE A MICROWAVE!!!! Oh so happy about that, how I missed them ha ha. So yeah.  Just so you know, Nicole's package is here... well not HERE. In Huehue my zonie just told me "hey, Westenskow, you have a HUGE package here ha ha" so we'll see when I get it lol.  

Now, a request, if y'all could sent me, just digitally is fine, I can print it cheap, a picture of my baptism, I'd like it to be able to show to people, so if I could get that that'd be super ha ha. And I think that's it.  A short email but a good week and looking forward to another :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Stay safe and congratulations to Meagan and Brad on their apartment, it looks great :) LOVES!!!  PS. pictures are of the house, the landscape and me on a bus ha ha

-Elder Westenskow

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