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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Happy! That's What This Work Does, It Makes You Happy! 8/6/2012

First off, to convince y'all that in spite of that everyone seems to think that I'm dying of sadness or something, I've located another fastish internet in which I can send photos and y'all can see that I still smile :)  I'll try to remember which ones I attatched :)

1. A fun one with a lizard friend that we found in the house and then captured and then he got scared and ran up on my shoulder, we named him Johnson.  Good stuff :)

2. WE FOUND A FLOATING LEAF!!!  I'm not sure if it was tied by a spider string or what but it was FLOATING!!  It was so cool.  We took fun pictures and even a video :)

3. A fun one with a recent convert family, I know that my face looks poopy but it was cause we were joking around :)

4. A tarantula that we found while playing soccer a few weeks ago... ya that was fun ha ha.

5. A GIANT spider that we found in the house while cleaning, not a fan of the spiders!

And I think thats them 

Now, to answer questions (thanks for asking questions btw, it helps me a lot!)

Q: How are the crickets and how do we deal with them? A: They are gross and black and range in size from almost unnoticable to holy crap big ha ha.  We deal with them by stepping on them, it seems the most effective method.  :)
Q: What is my kitchen like? A: To be honest y'all probably wouldn't recognize it as a kitchen ha ha. It's just a room with kinda a counter thing in it and a stove.  There's no sink ha ha but we have a pila on the other side of the house. (makes for really inconvenient when you're cooking and have to wash your hands in the middle ha ha)
Q: How is travel to Huehue? A: It's not horrible but it's not great ha ha. I actually, coming back from Huehue this week (yes, we had to go AGAIN ha ha) getting on the bus and looking around the terminal and hearing people just shouting, selling all kinds of whatever and whenever for whatever price you want to give them. Sitting on an old school bus painted a mix of fire red and lightning green and containing an odor of old meat. Crazy music just blasting so loud the ayudante has to yell so he can hear where you're going. I just sat there for a minute, and thought "Is this what my life has become, that none of this seems strange to me?" Heck, I even bought some tamalitos, 2 for Q5, who can pass that up? ha ha. So for y'all it would probably be like, HORRIBLE. But for me it's not too bad ha ha. Hope that helps clear up the doubts a little bit. :)

NOW, to comment on your week :) MOM, you helped in the yard!  Nicely done. I'm sure it looks GREAT!  I also did some yard work this week (but I doubt you used a machete in yours ha ha) That's legit that Meagan and Brad had a great celebration and all of it :) 

And now what you're all waiting for, did Elder Westenskow have a good week? The answer is: AL FIN, SI!

After a few weeks of discouragement (as you might have been able to tell) we had a great week! (In spite of the Olympics being on EVERYWHERE and me loving the Olympics and all, so that was tough but whatever, we had a great week!). I'll start with the least good news and then move up. Family Lucas, we couldn't teach them. But they invited us to a dinner that turned out to be a celebration for their daughters 15 years. Now, don't worry, it wasn't one of those HUGE parties that this country is famous for for 15 years but it was a dinner (that one of the Elders from Santa Ana made, TACOS!!!) with just a few close families and us. WHICH MEANS; that they really consider us good friends and we've grabbed confidence with them as they say here. SO, this week we're going to change things up a bit. Instead of trying to go to their house where there are a ton of distractions and everything, we're going to invite them to come to the church (now that it's all clean and stuff :)) And we'll see what happens.

NOW, Fam Marroquin, not much there, we're going to Xela this week for a meeting so we're going to stop in Huehue on the way back and talk to the lawyer there and see what we can do.  They didn't come to church but they did come to the EXCELLENT activity that we had.  

Fam Armas, still there. Didn't come to church either, but the dad got a tooth taken out so that was probably an excuse ha ha.  When we went to their house the Book of Mormon was on their couch and we asked who had been reading and they said that he had been reading so that means that he put our book before that of the testigos o sea, that our idea to go read with them to motivate them animated them a bit to read! EXCELLENT!! One step forward. We watched the movie "Together Forever" with them and they loved it :) We took a member, their aunt, and it just went swimmingly :) They're becoming more and more excited each time I think :)

Pablo Vasquez, FINALLY PROGRESS!!!  We shared with him in John 21 the story where Peter, after the death of Christ goes back to fishing because it's whats familiar for him. The apostles are scared and don't know exactly what to do, so they turn back to the things of before. Now, the first point being that they don't catch anything, that's significant and we'll come back to it later. Second, Christ comes and asks Peter "lovest me thou more than these?" (meaning the fish, or the things of before) and Peter follows Christ. But at the last moment he turns back and sees John and says "what of him?" and Christ basically says "What does it matter to you, follow me"  NOW, the application. When we begin to progress in the gospel, sometimes we get scared or things hold us back because we don't know exactly what to do or exactly what will happen.  These things, for investigators, can be sports on Sundays, smoking, coffee, work, etc. But Christ asks all of us "lovest me thou more than these?" and we have to decide if our love for Christ will conquer our fear. What do we love more, sports or Christ? What do we love more, coffee or Christ? We all have to answer that question. However, in those moments of decision we oftentimes look back and say "what about him? what about my coworker? what about my brother?" and Christ just says "what does it matter, follow thou me" o sea, worry about yourself, this is YOUR salvation. Really made him think, he still didn't accept a firm fecha but we really think he will this week.  :)

NOW, new guy, Garillo. SUPER POSITIVE. Found him this week, he's a reference from a member and we walked in (and maybe a little frustrated from not having progress or success) just threw it down. We asked if he was baptized. He said no.  So we said "well, to get to heaven you need to be baptized, we all need it. Our goal as missionaries is to help you find and recieve the only one and true baptism talked of in the scriptures. Everything we teach will have that objective, to prepare you to be baptized. We will be asking you to do certain things, and all of them will have that goal. We want you to know for yourself that these things are true and that this baptism and this church will help you get to heaven" or soemthing like that.  And he accepted the invitation to be baptized! No fecha but still :) Happy.  

Now, the activity. WAS EXCELLENT!! Forgot to take pictures, silly me ha ha.  But I'll try and get some for next week, the church really looks great and we even cleaned the land in the back up to be able to use it for activities. It had plants up to 7 feet tall back there ha ha. But we cleaned it SO good and there was a ton of people there and it was just excellent, I'm not sure about details because that's pretty much the activity but it was a great end to a great week!  

I hope this email is good and that y'all enjoy it, remember that I love you and in spite of anything I say or don't say I AM HAPPY :) Becuase that's what this work does, it makes you happy.  

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a great week!
-Elder Westenskow

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