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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Talent Show Was Excellent! 7/30/2012

Heyo Familio,

FIRST OFF! I have a buddy, I believe I've told you his name before, coming home this week.  Elder Zimmerman, soon to be Connor Zimmerman lol.  That's weird.  But, I gave him a couple (slightly lame and touristy) things to give to Meagan and Nicole (by that I mean 2 things, one each) and he was willing to go to the house to drop them off.  Now, this guy is an EXCELLENT friend so I gave him the home phone and dads phone to be able to call and set it up. He can tell you all sorts of stories about me and answer questions and the whole thing.  He lives in Draper so not too far away. He's  a great dude! So, he goes home on Thursday so in the next couple weeks just be waiting for a phone call from him :)   

Now, to answer questions, I wasn't wearing the new glasses in the photos because apparently I only take photos on days where I wear the old ones ha ha. Bad luck I suppose. But I do wear them and I do love them!  I just wear them about half the time ha ha. I use both pairs. And Dad, your new job sounds CRAZY with an extra capital C.  I can't imagine that, a butt ton of travel and stress and all of it, dang.  Respect ha ha. Keep it up, I'm sure you're doing great cause that's what you do!  

Now that I've written a ton, I'll get to me. I have kinda bad news, we had kinda a lame week ha ha. But, life is still great and we're still working hard and being good.  Investigators: Pablo continues in his "I'm going to be baptized, but I'll let you know when" however, I do have an idea for this week, it's a little bit of a machete but not too hard so I hope it goes well :)  

Family Lucas, we had a cita but it fell... super lame, it's so hard because they can only meet certain nights of the week.  But, well figure it out.  The dad is kinda working like an agent behind enemy lines in that he keeps saying stuff and animating them to go to church and everything ha ha. So that's good :)

Family Armas.  They're good, going a little slow but going :)  We had a good cita in which we read together 2 Nephi 31 with them and Juan Manuel was like "Well, to say that we're ready for a baptism would be a lie but if we do it, it'll be forever and for life.  That's what the chapter teaches us" he just told us that he has a lot of books to read he's like "well, y'all visited me last.  First the Central American church came, they gave me a book and I read it.  Then the Jehovah Witnesses came and gave me a book and I'm reading it and then y'all came and gave me a book so I'll read it after, y'all have to wait your turn" ha ha. So that was kinda funny, but his desire to learn is sincere, he even prayed with us last night which has been hard for him up until now :)

What else? Oh, the Talent Show was EXCELLENT!!!  We had 40 people there! and they LOVED it.  Basically it was members and investigators that we already had so we didn't find because of it but at the very least it helped with the relationship that we have with them :) It really was great!  I'm back on slow Internet or else I'd try to send some pictures but just know that it was great :)

I do believe that that was my week, nothing too exciting but I hope to have more entre 8 ha ha.  Say hey to everyone there for me. 
-Elder Westenskow

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