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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Investigators!! 7/9/2012

What is going on there in Utah town? All good things I sure do hope.  Things here are pretty darn dandy!    

Now, please give Ginger a big hug for me and a big kiss because I hate to hear about her being sad or in pain.  Also, I think everyone forgot my year mark ha ha, nobody said anything last week, but in case y'all missed it, I have a year in the mission ha ha.  GO ME!  Half way there!  And I'm sorry I was so terribly missed in Rock Band, when I get back I'll be sure to throw a BIG Rock Band party, I have ganas ha ha.  Adub and the Chicas will be reunited again!  

Now, to keep answering questions.  Mom asked a bunch about my comp.  Am I able to understand him now? More or less ha ha, if he gets on a roll, it's tough but for the most part, yes.  Is it more difficult to train an older comp? YES.  He does indeed have a hard time accepting direction or suggestions. Is he fun to be with? Sort of, depends on the day ha ha.  If he tries to be too funny holy moly but if he's just chill it's chill.  Is he a hard worker? To a certain point.  He tells me to slow down a lot ha ha.  

So there's that.  Now, investigators.  We had an excellent opportunity to do service this week making tamales and tortillas for a 15 years party (don't worry, we didn't go to the party) but like half of the people we visit were doing stuff to get it ready so we went to do service and got a couple citas out of it ha ha.  It was good :)  Next the Family Marroquin, some bad news there.  We challenged them to be baptized this week for the 21st but they said no.  They said they wanted more time to learn and experience and everything like that and we explained them everything and testified but they would not budge.  Then they didn't come to church yesterday, so we'll see what happens.  We're going to go see them tomorrow I think so I'll let y'all know, we haven't lost hope though!  

Now, we did find this week a super positive family.  The family Armas.  They're 5 people and they like the message a lot.  They're super intelligent.  We went with them and watched the Restoration movie yesterday and they definitely felt the spirit, they're going to pray this week and we're going back.  They also really liked the plan of salvation which we also taught them.  So they seem really great!

Next, we had a super duper cita with Clemantino (remember him?) and we pretty much just talked about the spirit, and how you recognize it and how you feel it and all that good stuff, EXCELLENT cita.  He described a couple experiences he had had with the spirit and we challenged him to be baptized but he said he'd thought about it but was still undecided.  So yeah, a lot of rejected baptismal invitations this week ha ha.  

That's the more part of the exciting stuff.  I'm really excited for this week, with the family Armas, Family Lucas, Family Marroquin, Clemantino, Pablo.  All of it, super ready to work crazy hard this week 
-Elder Westenskow

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