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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slow Week, But Still Working Hard 7/16/2012

First off, we finally found an Internet here that is fast enough to send photos so that's your present for this week! I've included a couple of a few kids from here that find it extremely funny to try on my glasses,

 a couple of a service we did breaking rocks to make sand, 

and one of me tortillando, proving that Nicole is not the only one that can do it by hand ;)

Now, to clear up the doubt about games, we're looking for games that can be played with a group, not too big but not too small, semi active but nothing that will make anyone sweat.  So there's that :)

Now, week update.  Little less happy that what y'all are probably expecting but there are still no fechas.  I don't know what it is about being me that just gives people the impulse to not accept a fecha ha ha. But, we're working hard.  And we're still more or less happy (learning to live better together) and life is a great thing :)  

Family Marroquin, they've been working a TON lately so we've been able to go do service a few times this week but as far as real teaching goes, that didn't really happen.  And they didn't come to church. I'm really scared they're getting cold but I don't know what more to do.  We have a legit fhe planned with them this week with a couple member families so I'll let y'all know how that goes and how they're doing next week :)

Pablo Vasquez, he JUST doesn't want to accept a fecha.  He told us this week (In these words) "I'm going to get baptized, but I'll let y'all or the elders in Huehue know when" LAME but he's super positive still, goes to church every week and all that stuff but holy cow he's giving us a hard time ha ha.  We've explained and testified and he's prayed and says he feels good about it all and that it's all true and that he'll be baptized, just not yet ha ha.  

Clemantino, he's back in the picture and SUPER positive.  The same thing, just doesn't want to say yes for sure to baptism, but we had an EXCELLENT cita with him on Saturday, one of the best I've had my entire mission and we left him to pray about if he should be baptized, but to ask very very specifically and he said he'd do it this week :) So that'll go through, just a matter of when :)  

The family Lucas, they're still legit, just struggling with working on Sundays. We went and showed them Together Forever this week and that movie talks about putting work before all else and how it'll destroy the family and they said that really impacted them a lot.  So we challenged them to talk about what they needed to do to be able to close next Sunday and come to church. So that'll be good if they go through with it, they know what they need to do, they just have to do it.  The good thing there, is that the kids really want to so hopefully they can talk their parents into something too :)  

The family Armas is still in the picture as well, we had an excellent cita about the Book of Mormon yesterday and they seemed really interested and we left them to read and pray.  We're pretty sure that the oldest daughter has already prayed and received an answer, but she's embarrassed or something (le da pena) to say it before her dad does, so really if we can get him, we can get everybody.  The good thing is that he's really focused in doing everything as a family.  He's said "if we're going to accept this, we're going to do it as a family" and that's a point in our favor.  

We also found a pretty positive family this week, the family Cruz. They're a reference from a member and apart from a HUGE preoccupation for why we can't tell him our first names he seems positive. He's recently had a desire to look for God awake in him and he started going to church (a different church) about a month ago which is so little time it hardly counts ha ha.  But he too is interested, it's just a matter if he prays and asks.  We're going there tonight and so I'll let you know about that :)  

Finally, we had some ideas this week to combat the blues that are being caused by a lame streak with investigators.  In 2 weeks we're going to have a talent show to try to find new investigators and in like 4 weeks were going to do a HUGE improvement activity.  We're going to OVERHAUL the church, clean everything, put flowers and stuff up so it actually looks like a church and clean up the yard around the church and to top it all off, we're going to be selling food to raise money for a temple trip for the members.  3 activities in one!  We presented it to the branch council yesterday and it was VERY well received.  So I'll let y'all know when that happens :) But life is good, the mission is better, and the church is true, so that's all good stuff :)

Stay healthy and stay well,
-Elder Westenskow

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