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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Went To A Hole In The Earth!!! 8/20/2012

First off, the pictures are from our activity today.  We went to a hole in the earth. That's basically it. It was a hole. In the earth. And a river disappears into the hole. It was WAY WAY WAY COOL! 

Also, y'all sent me some pictures. Zimmerman in my kitchen holy crap haha. That was a weird sight. I'm excited to read your emails about the whole thing. Zimmerman was in my kitchen, and y'all called him Connor, weird hahaha. But I'm glad he could go see y'all and that you made him great dinner. Lasagna haha.  

First, to respond, I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures from last week and from this week, we've been using Internet in Santa Ana for the last couple weeks and it's a little faster so photos can successfully be sent haha. And you asked about the fabric, I think you mean the expensive one right? I'm still working out if I can buy it on day that's not Sunday but the lady is proving difficult to work with. I'll let you know, or when I take a bunch of money out of the bank you'll know haha. Also, the 15 years party, I'm not really sure about it to be honest with you, the whole thing seems strange to me. Nicole probably knows more lol.  

I LOVE your idea of reading the Book of Mormon again together. You talked about how the Stake President talked about that that was how we could have REAL growth and it's absolutely true. Reading and applying the principles in that book are the method to real growth, real personal growth. I wont go into to much detail but I have a few goals as to who I want to be when I get home and I know that the Book of Mormon is the way to achieve them. I just hope I'm strong enough to continue in those goals.  

Now, we actually had a really good week! First off, the family Marroquin, we still are working on their marriage problems but we had a great FHE with them on Monday in which we taught about enduring to the end. And how even though they hadn't completed the steps of baptism and the Holy Ghost that they could still endure, and do the things that God wanted them to do. That this time is a time of testing for them to see if they'll remain faithful even in times of trouble. Excellent lesson and it had results, they came to church for the first time in a month yesterday! YAY!!!! So that's great!

Next, Johanna came out of NOWHERE! Y'all remember her? Look back on the old emails if you like but she's an old investigator that we dropped. But she called us one day to see if we could do her a favor, chop some wood. So we went and got a cita. In the cita we challenged her to be baptized and she accepted and accepted the fecha!  We put it for the 1st of September but we have to bump it back because she didn't come to church yesterday. We went after church to see why and she's like "Well, I went up to go with my mom, but she said that they always say that the Sacrament is the most important thing and she figured if we weren't going to make the sacrament that we just shouldn't go". We explained to them the principle of better late than never and set a cita for a FHE on Wednesday. So she had plans to go yesterday just her silly mother haha.  

Last as far as good news goes, we finally had a cita cita with the family Lucas. And it was kinda a throw down. We knew it was last night or never. So we just went for it. Nicole advised me to use the machete in appropriate situations and it was used well last night. We talked about baptism, authority, the need of a baptism that counts, the importance of the Book of Mormon.  The husband and kids are down, they even wanted to come to church yesterday but she said no.  But she was letting doubts fly and we just answered all of it with scripture. She asked us "what's the difference between your baptism and the baptism of any other church" we talked about authority. "Why does it really matter which church you go to?" we talked about how Christ is not divided. "Why doesn't the bible mention Joseph Smith?" we explained dispensations a little bit. There were just so many questions she had and it was all great. Really really spirit guided lesson. Like Nicole said, the machete can be correctly used and to good effect.  

Now, I know this email is short but its packed with good news and I hope to have more good news for you next week. I love you all a flippin ton and I hope y'all have a great week LOVE YOU!!!

-Elder Westenskow

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