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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gracias A Dios!! 9/10/2012

We went to HOYO CIMARRON (I think that's how it's written) we went and it was AWESOME!!! I took some videos which can't be sent via email so wait 10 months and I'll show them to you but holy cow.  It was probably the most spectacular thing that I've ever seen in my life.  I think I want to bring y'all when we come back because really words can't describe it.  It's a hole.  In the earth.  Supposedly it's like 150 meters deep, not sure what that is in feet but goodness, its HUGE!  We spent like an hour throwing stuff in to it haha.  You would throw a rock, wait about 7 seconds and then hear the most spectacular noise you've ever heard in your life with the craziest echo you can imagine.  We went from San Antonio to a place called Cuatro Caminos, from there to Nenton, from there to Gracias A Dios and from there to the Hoyo.  Apparently we were like 6 seconds from Mexico haha.  I'll let y'all google earth all of that but I've included some pics of all the cool stuff we saw on the way.  Seriously, it was one of the greatest things Ive ever seen in my life.  The craziest part of all of it was the silence.  It was complete silence.  Not a person, not a car, not an animal (minus the silent birds that flew around in the hole) and it was just completely silent.  Just an amazing experience.


But as for missionary work, Elder V and I are staying together.  haha.  Three changes is a long time to be together with anyone, the longest I've been was 2 and a half with Ronfeldt (ps, Ronfeldt is getting married on the 9th of November haha), but well make it all work, life is good and my mission president is inspired, so if he felt inspired to leave us together, it was the right move.  However, one of the Elders from Santa Ana does have changes which means that Dautel is going to bring me my package from Huehue yay!  

Now, as for my week, it was super super busy but it's hard to give details because we spent the whole time contacting, turns out dropping all your investigators gives you a lot lot of time to look for new ones haha.  So we're looking and I'll let you know if anyone comes out of the woodwork.  We did have a super great branch activity in which we showed the members small and simple things (ask Nicole or Brad about that) and then had them all write their testimony right there in the activity and address it to someone specific in the same.  Then we had them do role plays to how they were going to give them away and we gave them one week to do it, so we'll see what happens there :)  

The most positive person we have are two people.  Two jovenes that are 18.  Clementino, who is well known already, and Ogler. They both are just super great, friends of members and ganas.  We put a fecha with both of them in an excellent lesson we had yesterday for the 21st of this month. They both accepted to prepare themselves for that day and to pray and ask if they needed to be baptized THAT day.  Really really excellent.  :)  We really just had a great feeling week, we finished it feeling super great and all that stuff :)  I hope y'all enjoy the photos.  I love you all a TON!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!
-Elder WEstenskow

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