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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Week!! 10/15/2012

Yo hey howdy doooooooooo!

Wassup family, this is Elder Westenstorm coming to you from internet in San Antonio Huista (I have not had changes yet, but it could come any day haha).  Letting you all know that a grand crisis has been averted.  On my memory card all of my photos were erased... BUT, due to my luck, I have been able to recover them, so I'm happy for that :) First thing I'm happy about, I'll continue on later about happiness, but first I'll answer questions.

First off, do we have to bring someone on Pday adventures? No. But, we don't know any of the cool places here so we need a guide, that's why we always bring someone haha. If we don't, we get lost and that's just a super bummer haha. But if we bring someone we see cool stuff and they know all the secrets and stories and everything so that always adds to the fun :) What am I gonna do with all my mayan pot pieces? Sift through them and keep the best ones and bring them home to give to people :) Because the cool part is that they're actual legit real pieces of pot, found from me digging in the ground.  I kinda felt like I was at some childrens exhibit in a museum or something but it was all real :) I love this area.  

The pool.  We do have a pool in the church.  Well, it's in the yard, it's really just a hole in the earth with tile in it, there's no cleaning or filter system, you fill it with a hose haha.  And we go to the river because its way cooler to baptize in a river than in the pool haha. To answer, I think I told but whatever, we watched conference in Huehue, I was able to see Elder Wimmer but only on Pday haha Because he's in the other Huehue zone so yeah.  And why are people already excited for me to come back? I have 9 months still :)

Now, why am I so happy? Because we had a GREAT week topped off by a GREAT day yesterday :) First off, CLEMENTINO WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY :))))))))) It was such a great service, as you can tell from the picture it was an absolutely beautiful place that we went to to do the baptism.  He was super nervous but afterwords just said he felt great!  His testimony was great that he gave as well.  He gets up (mind you I kinda forgot to tell him that he was going to give his testimony haha)  But he gets up and he's like "my testimony is that this church is true, that it's the true restored church of Jesus Christ" It was so great and he wants to go on a mission, imagine it, two future missionaries in the same area.  I think passing 3 changes without baptisms was worth that :) 
ALSO, after I baptized Clementino I had the great opportunity to give the priesthood to Ogler, he's now officially a priest :) He'll be blessing the sacrament next week :) So we're super stoked on that, he's super great!

We also have a new family that we found. We were contacting their neighbors and the wife comes out and she's like "no hay gente alli"(there's no one there) and I'm like "y alli con usted?"(and there with you?) she responds "tampoco"(not here either) to which I said "podemos pasar?"(can we come in?) "pasen si quieren"(if you want) and we passed, and we taught them.  And they liked it :) We're going to see them tonight as well so we'll see what happens but in an area where it's so hard to find news we feel good :)  

Also, since I was written by that guy who was here in San Antonio like a million years ago and he told me that they had a lot of success in Tablon, we've gone to look for the members down there and we've been finding some less actives and are teaching some of their family members.  I now feel good about how I'm going to leave this area, baptizing and with success in the future :)  Pablo, unfortunately, fell on his fecha BUT he said that he has committed himself to be baptized THIS year, so that's good enough :) He'll do it too :) Like I said, a GREAT week!  Changes, I'll be sure to let you know next week! 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! This is one happy Elder writing you from SAH with love!
Elder Westenskow

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