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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Greetings From Xela Zone 1!! 11/19/2012

Wow, that felt odd to write ha ha. Four weeks ago I was in the single furthest area from Xela and now Central Park is my area ha ha.  But change is good.  First off, about the Chichi investigators, I have no update because I'm not there ha ha. I enjoyed your emails last week but unfortunately there's not much to respond to, just a good week :)  Also, congrats to Alyssa Stromness who was baptized this last week :)

Now, about the new area.  Well, first off you'll all be surprised to know that I'm in a trio... with Elder Cruz ha ha.  My comp comp is Elder DeLora from California from my group. We should only be a trio until the end of the change at the longest ha ha. The new area is cool, I get lost really easily because everything looks the same but little by little I'm getting used to it.  The ward is GREAT. The members are really cool and willing to help us out. Looking forward to being here a good time. 

We do have some really positive investigators though so that's always a plus :) The reason that I got changes is that DeLoras comp had to go home for a surgery on his knee so yeah.  So not much was getting done before so we're kinda bringing the area to life again.  But, they really did have some good investigators.

Bryan and Yisenia. Two kids whose mom is a member. The mom has been less active for a long time but she's coming back now. They actually had a fecha for this Saturday but didn't come to church so that fell. But, we're working with them. They should get baptized in December for sure :)

Sonia.  The only real beef she has with anything is that the church is guided by men.  She says that women are better than men and that women should be able to preside in meetings and stuff.  But she also says that if she gets an answer from the Holy Ghost that she's willing to change her ideas and all that stuff so we really are focusing in on helping her get an answer about the Book of Mormon. So she's legit, we're also starting to teach her 2 daughters.

Henry, all of his family are members.  ALL OF THEM!  His mom was just baptized like 2 weeks ago and he came to church for the first time yesterday.  He just accepts everything and likes it. He keeps his commitments to read and pray and all of it. Yesterday we went with him and taught a good lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he accepted the fecha to be baptized the 8th of December so we have that for sure :)

Now, Mariela.  Shes a girl who is 19 years old.  She WANTS WANTS WANTS to be baptized.  But her mom won't let her. If her moms heart can be softened she will be baptized.  She has the attendances and everything. But were helping her and trying to keep her faith and hope up while praying very very hard for her.  We really want to see her baptized this week. 

So that's a little about the area, it's a good area, I like it a lot.  It's a little stressful but being with DeLora rocks, we've been friends since the CCM and we work and teach well together.  It's really great being with someone who knows what they're doing and how to work and all of it :) We're going on divisions with the assistants tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.  But we're going to be together for Christmas it looks like so were pretty stoked for that :)

So overall, life is good, the church is true, and I'm happy albeit a little stressed ha ha.  But yeah, hope all is well over there, I love the pics, Davie really has quite the beard ha ha. 
Elder Westenskow

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