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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Need to Act for Our Spirits to Grow 1/7/2013

Dear Family!

How is everyone doing? This is my first email from 2013. Also known as the year I come home :) Crazy to think about ha ha.

Anyway, as for me this week was EXCELLENT! As for New Years, we didn't really do anything, just watched the fireworks at midnight. 

Now, the photos. They are of the baptism that we had, which I'll comment on mas adelante.

First off, I'll let you all know that we have 2 fechas for this Saturday, with Mariela (FINALLY!!!!) her mom held to her word and is letting her attend church this year so we're going to baptize her on Saturday because she really, really doesn't want to wait anymore. And we also have a fecha with Yisenia :) 

We found a super positive investigator this week too, her name is Carolina and she's a friend of a member, Nicole knows her as Hna Urizar. She apparently attended church when she was younger and went to institute last year and all that good stuff and now she feels like she needs something more in her life. So we're pretty stoked about her, she seems really positive and we might be able to teach her mom too. :)
We also are still teaching Willy and Heidi. They're progressing very slowly, it's sometimes hard to get them to keep commitments, but we taught them last night about the need to ACT in order to have our spirits grow, to bring ourselves closer to God, so hopefully we'll see something there :)

Now, the baptism :))))) It was incredible!  Really, really special. They were both pretty nervous and so were we but we really just let the spirit do the work. The spirit was very, very strong. The messages were good and the moment of baptism was incredible as always. The bishop confirmed them and it was incredible! The best surprise, while we were changing Yisenia really felt the spirit and announced that she wanted to be baptized as well, so she'll be getting baptized next week, now we just need Osmars little sister and everyone on the mountain will be members :) We're really excited after a lot of disappointments and setbacks, we are receiving the blessings that we have worked so hard to receive. :)  So overall a great week :)  I love you all! Hope you have a great week! LOOOOVEEESSSS!

Elder Westenskow
P.S. Elder Cruz had changes

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