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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Week of News 1/21/2013

Hey there, first off, to tell of a few happenings. I need y'all to thank both the Bishops family and the YSA group in the ward, I got a package from both of them for Christmas and they were quite a nice and appreciated surprise. :)
I do indeed have a new comp, his name is Elder Nuñez from Mexico and he's super cool. We're having a really good time together, we get along well and we teach well together. I love having a comp that's pilas and ready to work and knows how to work and teach and all that good business. The fun fact is that he's Elder D's kid ha ha. A year ago they were comps...that was a long time ago haha.  
Anyway, this week was a little different, we spent quite a bit of time with the members, so that Elder Nuñez could get to know them and we got A TON of references to start working with this week. We have quite a few citas with people that are references of members and all that good stuff. We did find a SUPER positive lady, Maria. She works in the house of some members and apparently she was going to get baptized like a year ago but the missionaries missed a bunch of citas and then never contacted her again. We're going to help her and her 2 kids complete the goal that she had way back when. ;)

Now, Willie and Heidi moved this last week/are moving this week so it's been tough to get with them but we're going to help them move a little tonight so we're still going there. Henry is now back on the scene and says that he has been thinking a lot lately and wants to get baptized next month!!!!! So were pretty stoked for that answer to prayers, we kinda gave him some space for about 2 weeks to let him think and stuff and it worked :) The spirit worked in him :) We are also still going with Amelia and Evelyn, Amelia finally got a new job that doesn't make her work on Sundays and she came to church yesterday!!! We're very excited about that and I'll for sure let y'all know about the progress there :) 
I know this email is super like, to the point, but I'm just really rushed today haha. 
Elder Westenskow

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