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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Monday, May 28, 2012

I Ate Ants!!! 5/28/2012

FIRST off, HOOOOOOOLY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!!  I LOVED IT!! Plus, I only cheated a bit and opened the glasses early. There was a TON of stuff and all of it good!  One question, if I open the one year gift early am I going to regret it because it is STARING at me ha ha.  If so, lemmie know but if not, Holy cow I wanna open it ha ha.  

Now, to answer questions.  How do I feel? GREAT!  I have passed all sickness and am working hard and being healthy and loving life!  Hows the heat? I'm getting used to it but holy crap it is HOT!!!  It is cooling down a little bit because winter is getting here so we'll see how it continues :) How often do we see the other Elders?  How far away are they? We see them every week for Pday and for district meeting, they're about 15 or 20 minutes away.  How's the house? We do have an indoor kitchen (just without a sink LONG LIVE PILAS!!!) and we do have an indoor bathroom.  It's a way nice house actually.  Laundry? A member washes it.  Shopping? We go to tiendas, the more Mexican contraband, the better ;)  How's everything holding up?  Well, the suitcases are great, they just kinda sit there most of the time but when it comes time to use them they hold stuff really well.  The boots, I don't really use, they're not super comfortable to walk a ton in (go figure) and I'm thinking about just leaving them somewhere but I know that if I do I'll for sure regret it.  So they're great, almost like new!  The clothes are good, the shirts aren't quite as white as they used to be but its all holding up really well.  Good or bad freak out about the area? Definitely a good freak out!  Everybody wants to come here ha ha.  Because Ronfeldt and his last comp before me came up as assistants and baptized a crud ton of people, but that was all in Santa Ana ha ha, I'm in San Antonio so yeah, but its legit!

Now, as for my news.  My comp had changes ha ha.  On Tuesday they called us and changed my comp, now I'm killing a guy named Elder Caceres from Honduras, its his last change so we're trying really hard to baptize and we have a couple that could.  Our most positive is Pablo Vasquez, hes a reference.  His wife and all his kids are members and he told them that he wanted to go with them to church (the catch is they attend in Huehue because they go there every weekend) but he seemed really positive, we tried to put a fecha but he wouldn't say yes or no but we'll see what happens this week, we really hope he went on Sunday :)  We also found a cool guy named Fidel Lopez, he's just a contact but he asked us some questions about what happens after dying and all that stuff so we're going to go this week.  We were going to go yesterday pero por el agua, se nos hizo imposible.  A little Spanish there.  

Now, we actually couldn't work a whole ton this week because of changes and CONFERENCE/PARTY!!!  For having done the 40 contacts we watched Tangled.  I'm so inicuo.  Ha ha jokes, but it was REALLY REALLY GOOD!  I honestly forgot how good movies are ha ha.  But we just came back from that and kept working so it was cool to see it but I wouldn't have died without it ha ha.  But that was way fun, I got to hang out with some Elders that I've been missing and it was a blast :)

Also, in other news.  For the smoking deal with Edvin, I had to eat 11 ELEVEN JOCOSH!!!!  It was AWFUL! I do have video proof so y'all can see that in 13 months ha ha.  And we had the first ever branch council meeting in San Antonio yesterday to help get things really rolling, to get callings extended, visits done and start to work on the mountain of problems that this branch has.  But the meeting went REALLY well and I think it was an excellent idea to have it.  I think that's about it on my part, hope everyone is great, I'm old tomorrow ha ha.  But we're going to celebrate!

OH RIGHT:  This morning we went fishing with some members. We're going to cook the fish tomorrow with the other elders to celebrate.  Welp, wish me a good week and I'll talk to y'all next week, LOVES!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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