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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baptism!!! 4/30/2012

Hows everyone doing out there in Utah land? Hopefully great!!!

We too here in Guatemala land are doing just fantastic!  The fair is in my area this week so we're preparing for a week of NOBODY in their houses ha ha but we've got some citas already and some good plans to make everything go the way that we want :)  Again, just wanted to apologize for worrying everyone, just to put an end to it all, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, I am not dead, I am well and alive and the nanobots have long ceased to attack my body and soul, I am back to 100% health and we're working hard as always :)  To answer questions, we're making Eclair Pie on Sunday because changes are Tuesday so Monday we're having a dinner party at Walters to say goodbye and early celebrate my birthday (I'M GETTING OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!) ha ha.  And mom, you had explained a little before your five by five plan but I understand it a little better now and I really like it, its a great idea!  And talking about missionaries, 6 lessons a week, that sucks!  I would die... those elders need some HELP! Ha ha.  Not that they're bad Elders just that it's true, thinking about it, contacting wouldn't work there.... man, that's rough.  But your plan should help.   

Also, if you leave the weeds, I'll pull them in 14 months, then we'll go to some concerts ;) ha ha.  But I'm glad to hear that everything is going well on the home front. 

Now, more questions, more work related.  Contacts.  About them, the ones you asked about.  The less active, she's the mom of a member (we didn't know where this member lived ha ha) but we found her.  She doesn't really want anything to do with the church (she's been evangelical for like 20 some odd years ha ha)  but she did come to our baptism, so that's something!  We'll keep following up and let y'all know!  The guy that visited sites of church history.  We went to see him and knocked at the talkbox and he's like "WHO?!" and were like "We're the Elders, here to visit you!" and he's like "Ghaalmahadfasrrrrrrrrrr" and then we waited for like 5 minutes and he never opened the door ha ha.  And the old investigator.  He himself didn't want anything but the guy standing with him was also an old investigator, I just didn't recognize him at the time.  But I guess seeing us woke up his desires again (we had been trying to have a cita with this very guy for like 4 weeks) but he just showed up to church 2 weeks ago and then after we had a cita and he told us he wanted to be baptized!  His name is Mynor and all he has to do is get married and he can be baptized!  Only problem is his "wife" lives in San Marcos and he has to have the money to bring her here and support her before he can get married. 

Gomez family and the Calderon family are both doing well, they're both still there, struggling a bit (not for desires but for other circumstances) but they're still there, they didn't come to church (for said circumstances) so they're not TECHNICALLY progressing, but they're both progressing.  No really super cool stories, they're just there and reading and praying and all the good stuff :)  However, we did have the super good day of Lala getting baptized on Saturday!  It was an excellent service, great spirit, good messages, almost her whole family came (big surprise to everyone!)  and it was excellent!  I don't really know how else to say it but it was excellent!  She was super nervous but overcame it, Elder Garcia baptized her and it was all just excellent!  We really had a great week :) 

Now, the last thing, the mothers day call, I have no idea about anything, it's the Sunday after changes so I don't know how I'm gonna let y'all know... but I'll figure it out ha ha. 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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