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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello All!!! 5/14/2012

First off, happy Monday to everyone out there!

Just like December 26th, this email is for everyone who I didn't talk to last night because I TALKED TO MY FAMILY AND IT WAS LEGIT!!!!!  So this email is to go over things that I forgot to talk about with my parents (Which I will address first) and then to catch everyone else up.
First off, I cannot believe that I forgot, but DAD, CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION!!!  That's so awesome and even more awesomer that we won't be moving, I'd like to come home to the same house I left ;)  Ha ha.  But for realsies, good job, you 100 percent deserve it. I'm proud to have you as my dad, Love you man!  Just a  question, how does this affect your travel, will it be more, less, the same?  Lemmie know!  

Now, to answer the questions y'all had about the Walter call, I was NOT in the room for that so I really have no idea what it was like but ya know, cool beans, I'm glad that y'all enjoyed it and that you could get to know him a little bit, he's super stoked to meet you guys so yeah, we're all keeping in contact though.  He told me that he admires y'all (my parents) for raising a pretty alright kid and he has some questions he wants to ask you when y'all meet face to face ha ha.  So keep that in mind ;)  

Now about changes.  I am officially OUT of Esperanza, lastima.  I love that place but it was definitely time for a change.  I'm in an area called San Antonio Huista and it is officially the furthest area in the entire mission.  I belong to the department of Huehuetenango, my zone is Zaculeu and I'm in the district Huistas.  It consists of two areas and 4 elders ha ha.  But it's chill, we're just kinda up here in our own little bubble and they just trust us to work hard and to be good people.  So that's what we do!  For those who are on the edge of their seat for news on Elder Garcia, he's in an area called Las Victorias, also in Huehue, also in the zone Zaculeu. So yeah!  Good stuff there!

Now, about the area!  I found out my changes Monday afternoon.  Ronfeldt came to say goodbye to Walter and me on Monday afternoon.  As we were walking to Walters house he's like "Hey, I know your changes, but I'm not telling you" which means "pester me a bit and I'll tell you your changes"  So I was like "No way man, you have to tell me" So he's like, well I'll tell you this, you'll be able to visit some of my converts" (now at this point I was SURE they were sending me to Momos, because of rumors and all that) so I'm like "AM I GOING TO KANKI (spelling is definitely incorrect) and he's like "yeah man, you're going!" so I got super stoked.  Then we get to Walters house and he's like "I know were Elder Westenskow is going" and I'm like "Yeah, me too" and he goes "No I lied to you" and he's like "He's going to San Antonio Huista"  Now I had heard a TON about this area from Ronfeldt so I started freaking out!  So that's that story.  It took us 7 hours to get here in a bus and it is HOTTTTT.  But like, HOT!!!!!  I can't describe it, it's just so flippin' hot!  We live in a house that also happens to be the church building ha ha.  The branch is super small, we had an attendance of 19 yesterday and we don't have too many positive investigators.  BUT, this week is another week of 40 contacts so we're going to be doing that this week and hope to find some people to baptize in the coming weeks. This area is famous for baptizing so we'll see what we can do!  This branch also relies on us a TON.  I've been here less than a week and I have already had to do the activity for the Noche de Hermanamiento AND I spoke yesterday ha ha.  So this will be a good growing experience and I'm stoked to learn all I can and teach all the people I can here.  I'm just super stoked about this change.  

I did have a cool experience I wanted to share with y'all though.  It's really hard to explain but I hope I can do it justice.  I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and I got to 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes to the Americas.  And I don't know what it was about this time, I've read that chapter I don't know how many times.  But this time it just hit me.  Christ REALLY DID come to the Americas, he visited his people here. The story that's contained in the Book of Mormon is TRUE.  It actually happened, it's historical fact.  I don't know, I could like see it in my mind when it described a man dressed in white descending out of heaven.  It was really excellent.  For anyone that doubts it, the Book of Mormon is TRUE! There is no doubt about it.  Just read it and you'll realize that it really really is true :)  I love you all, I tried to send photos this week but this computer won't let me so I'll try and get you some next week.  LOVES FOR ALL!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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  1. I served in San Antonio Huista shortly after it becam a branch... in 1995.

    If you have time, please email me at

    I have some names etc that you might be able to look up, if the people are still around.

    My name is Ryan Brewer... I was in Huista for 9 months...

    Is there a chapel in San Antonio?