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Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello Changes!! 5/7/2012

First off, sorry about the call mix up, we were literally walking out of the door when Shirley was like, "Elder Westenskow, Elder Westenskow, its Hermana K (One of the hermanas in our area).  People know that we teach a lot of lessons in their house and that we eat lunch there so if they call our house and we're not there, usually people will call and ask Walter if he knows where we are ha ha.  So Shirley only knows one gringa so when she heard Nicole talking she assumed it was Hermana Kiddle (I suppose she didn't look at the caller id ha ha)  but yeah, as soon as I realized what was going on, I ran ran ran from that place ha ha.  I'll be talking to you in less than a week, no worries.  I'm not sure what we have to do to let y'all know what time and number and all that stuff but all will be well.  :)  

Second off, and before I forget, skimming a little bit of emails, Wendi informed me that MCA (one of the members of the dynamic rap trio The Beastie Boys (now we're only left with Ad Roc and Mike D)) passed away :( This is sad news.  Let us all mourn MCA by listening to a classic Beastie Boys song (Recommendations include "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)" "Paul Revere" "Brass Monkey" "The New Style" and a few others I cannot remember at this time.  I am not responsible for if they use bad language, I honestly cannot remember ha ha.  Listen at your own risk.  

Now, HOLY MOLY YSA SURVIVAL PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODNESS!!  Oh good package ha ha.  Full of DELICIOUS FOOD!!  PLEASE pass on my thanks to them, the package was incredible!  It contained a TON of really delicious stuff!  I'm including a photo of one happy Elder with full cabinets!  Ha ha.  Seriously everything they sent was like, incredible stuff that I never would have thought to ask for (Teddy Grams, nice touch!)  Please pass on my thanks to them and my appreciation, my ward has the best YSA ever and one day I too will send super duper survival packages to missionaries!

Now, speaking of packages, 20 pounds?!?!?  Why on earth would you tell me that? ha ha that's pure torture!  As you can probably guess, it has not come yet, but I will let you know so fast it's not even funny when it does come.  Also, to answer the question, the mail all goes to one place, the assistants go pick it up, take it to the office and sort it according to zone.  The zone leaders then go to the office and pick it up and bring it to district or zone meetings, and thus functions the system!  

Now, we did indeed make eclair pie.  We made it on Saturday during lunch and we're eating it tonight with dinner (We're making tortas!)  So I'll have to let you know how it goes.  Not enough crackers were sent so we had to improvise... I hope it turns out alright.  At least we know one of the pies will leave well!  

About weather, its been normal, not too cold, not too hot.  Although last night it rained like CRAZY!  Hence the tardiness at Walter's, we literally couldn't leave ha ha.  And about the jacket, I honestly haven't used it yet because we haven't had a big rainstorm apart from yesterday and that was NOT expected, but rainy season should start any day so I'll be letting you know!  And the Frisbee is legit!  

Reading about your stuff with the mission and the ward council I just gotta say HELP THOSE MISSIONARIES!!!  Less than 5 lessons a week!  That's absolutely crazy!!!  Those guys need some help!  That's good that you guys are combining your forces to help them though, proud of y'all!  :)  Also, how was St. George? Good I hope, I'm sure you'll tell me:)  

Now about my week.  A ton of crazy awesome sweet things happened!  Oh.... wait.... that's not true.  The fair was in my area and we taught a total of 2 lessons ha ha.  Seriously EVERYTHING fell because of the fair.  The Gomez family, the Calderon Family, AND Doña Tina all fell on us 2 TIMES EACH ha ha.  SO we didn't teach any of them ha ha.  Also, nobody came to church, so that was cool.  Literally everything fell.  BUT we did have a couple cool experiences.  We taught Walter's friend Chepe (José) and he's really super positive. We taught him the plan of salvation because of some questions that he had and he really really liked it!  He started asking questions about if there was one true church and how we could find it and Walter bore his testimony of that we just need to ask God and he'll tell us what to do, it was super legit!  He also asked a couple questions about baptism so the next time he's taught, they'll talk about that!    

Like I said, I'll let you know what happens with the Mothers Day call.  Oh and you're probably wondering about changes, we both have changes... They're taking us both out.  I don't really know what to think.  I just need to talk to a bunch of members and investigators and the new elders... we'll see what happens.  I know that everything will be okay but I'm worried for the area right now ha ha.  We'll see what happens and we'll see where they send me.  Also, I wanted to share a scripture that President shared with the mission in our brand spankin' new mission newsletter.  (I don't want you guys to think I actually read the Old Testament ;)  Joking.  Anyway, it's found in 2 Samuel 24:22-25.  The message is that the Lord requires sacrifices, He requires our effort and He requires that things be hard for us.  I just really liked the thought, obedience requires effort, good stuff there!  
-Elder Westenskow

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