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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mission Conference 1/30/12

Another really good week here, first I'll address questions :)  About who moved us, the office has a guy that works for them to do that kind of stuff, pretty easy haha.  About health, estoy mejorando poco a poco, todavia me queda la tos pera lo bueno es que ya no esta seca.  Entonces, ya, lo que pasa es que las enfermeras me dieron un jarabe y eso me ayudo un poco pero todavia me molesta.  Vamos a ver que pasa si tengo que ir al doctor o algo asi, no se. (Basically he says,"I'm getting better little by little. I still have a cough but the good thing is that it's not dry anymore.  So what happened is that the nurses gave me a syrup and that helped a little but it still bugs me.  We'll have to see what happens, if I have to go to the doctor or something like that, I don't know.")

So yeah, first off, I'll tell you not about Walter. The only other thing that happened is we had a mission conference with President/Elder Falabella, he's the president of the area Central America and a member of the First Quorum of 70.  It was... intense haha.  He gave us a lot of good councils and a lot of hard machetes but he told it like it is and we can really improve a lot from the things that he told us.  I really enjoyed the conference   Really the gist of his message was that the mission work doesn't need to be robotic, it shouldn't be robotic, we need to be people and we need to make people excited about the message, good conference :) 

Now Walter, first, on Monday we ate the cow tail.


I included a picture of it raw and prepared so you can see.  It was...... DELICIOUS!!!! It was so good, Shirly made it in a pressure cooker with some sort of salsa, I dunno, it was really really good.  Next Monday we're eating cow tongue.  He says it's also very good so I'm excited to see what happens there :)  We spent a lot of time with him this week.  One of the pictures I included is when Elder R helped him put a gas tank in his car, this is so that he can come to church.  I say that Elder R helped because neither Shirly nor I know anything about cars and so we just watched and fetched them tools when they needed it but it was a lot of fun :)  And now you know what Walter looks like haha.

He really appreciated the help and we enjoyed spending the time over there.   We were going to try to have a lesson that day but the time was not given to us to be able to do so haha.  So Friday we had the real lesson, we first talked about temple work and they told us that Shirly had a dream about an old family friend that had passed away about a year ago and this friend told Shirly that she would do the work that would allow her to move from one place to a better place.  They took what they know about the spirit world and applied it to temple work and decided that it meant that they need to do this ladies temple work haha so they asked us how to do it.  So we taught them about family history and stuff and it was all really good.  And then came the moment, we were just like "so do you remember what we talked about last week?"  "Baptism, when, and stuff.... (we just waited) so if it were the 11th what time would it be?" "Whenever you want"  "Yeah, I'll do it" so we just freaked out. Then we're like, "and the kids?" and he asks them "what do you guys want to do?" "YES" they both say.  Then he asks Brian, the 8 year old boy "why do you want to get baptized?"  and he answers "to be with God"  so precious haha.  SO WALTER AND HIS KIDS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 11th!!!!!!  They're really excited to, after church yesterday he asked us to show him the baptismal font and he was talking to his kids about it and stuff.  So yeah, overall great week, 2 fechas and quite possibly the best convert I'll have all mission haha

-Elder Westenskow

P.S. Also a little fun story.  We went to Walters yesterday to watch Testaments and he was outside when we got there sitting in his truck reading the Book of Mormon, always a special feeling to see one of your investigators reading the Book of Mormon :) love this guy!

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