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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lord Tests Us, Then He Blesses Us 2/27/2012

Hey Family!

First off, here's a picture of my kid, hope it satisfies :)

Second off, Mom, about being on a spiritual high from the baptisms, it was the same way for me, took a few days to come down ha ha.  And with bushwhacking, we just did it with our hands, I'm not saying it was a good idea, I'm just saying we did it :)   

As for us, this email might be a little short, we had a good week, just not a whole ton happened.  This was a week of fallen appointments, EVERYTHING we planned fell, primary plans, backup plans, all of it.  We even had great plans, we had plans to teach in members houses, bring members to citas, everything with members but it all fell ha ha.  It was really stressful for a bit but then Saturday came and proved the statement, "the Lord tests us, then he blesses us" that's what I've been telling my kid all week ha ha.  I'm not sure if I've told y'all about Jersón but he's a 16 year old kid we've taught like twice.  We meant to teach him the restoration but when we were verifying if he had read he told us he had read and prayed.  When we asked what happened in his prayer he just said "well, in the moment, nothing.  But then I came to church the next day and I just felt really really good about all of it"  so we just started talking about 3 Nephi 11 and the importance of the things that Christ taught and how the first thing he taught was baptism.  So we asked him what he thought about that and he said it was really important and all that stuff so we just challenged him on the spot and he accepted a fecha for the 24th of March.  IT WAS EXCELLENT!  A week of being tested and bailed on only to have success on Saturday!  Also, yesterday in church, a family we taught forever ago randomly showed up so we had investigators in sacrament meeting too!  So that was all excellent!

Walter is still working his butt off, we have an FHE with them tonight to teach his brother and he's got some other ideas for people as well.  Also, starting Thursday he's going to be making us lunch every day for 15 quetz a meal ha ha..  Much better than getting fat off pasta every day.  SO we're pretty excited for that :)  Also, we offered some sick service this week, we basically rebuilt a lady's house ha ha.  She was having a lot of problems so we redid her wood ceiling, and her door and stuff :)  It was really cool and fun to work with hands.  The only thing with this week is it was just so unbelievably fast.  And as far as package goes, just some sort of fruity candy would be super duper legit, chocolate is easy here, fruity is harder... so yeah.  So sorry this is pretty short but I love you all and I'm excited to see what the next week holds in store :)  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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