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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Companion!! 2/20/12

Hey there everyone!  How's life?  Very good I hope, life here is good as well.  

I'm glad to hear that y'all had an exciting weekend, I bet that was fun to have the Torres (Nicole's first mission president) over and to be able to talk about all kinds of stuff and to receive counsel and help from them.  Mission presidents are special people and they have a special ability to say the necessary things in the necessary time. 

About my kid, I completely forgot to take any pictures this week ha ha.  We've been working really hard, trying to give him a good start to the mission, not killing him but always busy.  His name is Elder Garcia, he's from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and he's really cool.  I thought I was going to have a gringo kid but the president got special instructions from President Falabella to have more interracial companionships ha ha.  So I got a Latino but he's super legit.  He likes to cook and I haven't yet enjoyed that but I'm excited to.  I don't know what else to say, y'all know that I'm really bad at describing people ha ha. 

About work, we worked hard this week and we saw results. We found some news, namely we finally had a cita with Victor Sac.  He's a reference from forever ago that it's been really hard to contact because they always travel.  BUT we finally had a cita with him and his wife.  They don't have a religion but they're anxious to learn more about ours.  They didn't just want to be visited, they wanted to be taught. We went in and started to talk to them get to know them and they're like "well, do you have some sort of teaching to give us or something?" so we taught the Book of Mormon.  They couldn't come to church this week but they promised to next week.  Also, a guy named Edwin.  He's a member but his wife and kids aren't.  Hes inactive and we've been visiting him every now and again since we've got here and now his kids want to be taught.  So were going to be visiting them and we'll try to get the wife in too :)  Really a pretty normal week, nothing too exciting happened apart from changes.  My kid is cool, training is stressful ha ha.  But all is well in the life of Elder Westenskow. 

Walter is continuing to be legit.  We have an FHE with him tonight and he invited a bunch of people to come and he gives us references almost daily ha ha.  Hes super stoked to help other people learn about these things that have helped him so much.  We have a lot of hope from him and he'll be helping us until I'm out of here at the very least.  I'm excited for this change and the next one ha ha.  Life is good, the gospel is true :)
-Elder Westenskow

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