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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baptisms! 2/6/2012


So, first off, Geronimo, we actually taught him this week ha ha.  We've had a hard time teaching him and we almost dropped him but we found him this week and taught him and it went really well so we'll keep with him ha ha.  Not a hugely special lesson that requires a lot of detail but yeah :)  Karina is doing fantastic, and we're working with Gustavo. 
So yeah.  Mom, about tie trades, there are obviously some ties that are so untradeable they don't even get brought to tie trades that includes the wedding tie, the ties I got for my birthday, the ones I got from Brad and a couple I bought at Mr Mac.  I just have a lot of ties (there are a lot of ways to get ties on the mission especially in this country, have Nicole tell you about pacas lol)  Also mom, questions are fine, I don't care how many you send ha ha.  Also, 21 kids getting baptized in one year, what the flip? They need to split that ward already.  And health is good :)

Now, Walter.  We visited him almost every day this week reviewing commandments, taking away doubts, etc.  He's super pilas.  No real singular experience this week to share, just a bunch of really good lessons that we had with him.  Especially when we reviewed the baptismal interview questions, hearing his answers and testimony about the restoration, prophets, etc was just incredible. He's so ready. Elder R just keeps telling me that Walter has ruined my mission because I'll never find a convert like him again ha ha.  He's just so pilas, I'm stoked.  PLUS, BLESSINGS!!!!!  We found out that Bryan, the 8 year old kid is going to count for a mission baptism because he was never presented or on the church records so he doesn't count for the ward but for the mission so we'll have 3 baptisms this Saturday :)  And, when Walter asked the kids who they wanted to baptize them they're both like "WESTENSKOW!" so Elder R is baptizing Walter and I'm getting in the water for the first time to baptize the two kids, we're pretty excited :) ha ha.  

So this email might be a little short but know that it's big on love and excitement and next week I'll have some pictures of some people in white :)  Tonight with Walter we're eating cow tongue so I'll let you know on that one as well ha ha.  Also, it seems rainy season is starting early here, we've had rain every day for almost a week and hail twice, its weird.  Also, tell Rhonda Happy Birthday since I don't have her email (thank you calendar!) ha ha.  
-Elder Westenskow
                                                         A Jerusalem Cricket we found


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