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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amazing Week!! 1/23/2012

So, I think first I'll answer questions and then tell why we had such an amazing week.  

Lets see, about the weather, it's still pretty cold in the morning and at night but during the day it's good lol.  About the Alvarado family.  I'm not really sure, they won't pray and they won't come to church.  But we're going to keep with them for a little bit longer.  It's tough to teach them because every time we go over they have people over. With Geronimo, we were planning on dropping him, he didn't seem too interested in learning more but then yesterday he randomly showed up to church.  So we're going to teach him again this week and see what happens.  We're working with a few less actives but nothing too exciting.  The less actives here are more apostate than less active ha ha.  So yeah.  About Cunén boundaries, its still the biggest area in the mission because its just the branch boundaries.  Also, I was glad to hear I could scare Nicole, you were absolutely right about that it was how I would have wanted it, you did according to my will.  Also, about crazy stuff.  I really haven't seen too much crazy scary stuff.  Xela is about a million and a half times safer than the capital.  About a Guatemalan Big Mac, it's about the same ha ha.  And there's not really any weird stuff on the menu.

Now, this week was WALTER!  So many amazing things that happened.  We taught him 3 times.  In one visit, he accepted the invitation to be baptized, so that's happening!  We are hoping to put the fecha tonight though.  We did have a really cool experience with him, he told us pretty much everything any missionary wants to hear. He broke down crying about the amazing changes that he's seen and been able to make in his life.  How he was so grateful for us that he didn't have the words to express how grateful he was that we brought him this thing that has changed his life so much.  He also told us that we are two of the best friends he's ever had and he thinks that if it had been any other 2 people he probably wouldn't have accepted the message.  He said that we should know that God is using us for something and that at the very least with our missions that we can know that we changed one life and one family 

We also had an FHE with them.  He invited his friends to come, a few neighbors because he wanted to share with them the things that he had learned.  We talked about eternal families and the possibilities that we had to have one and how grateful I was to be a part of one and how we can become a part of one through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The best part was when Walter bore his testimony to his friends and family about how grateful he was that he had the possibility to be sealed to his family one day, to be with them forever, that he knew it was possible.  Really special.  ALSO, hes been telling us for weeks that he won't be able to attend church til the29th but he randomly surprised all of us yesterday by showing up! He said he always had plans to go yesterday he just wasn't 100 percent sure he'd be able to come so he didn't tell us but he was always planning on it, LEGIT!  And tonight they're having us for dinner and they're going to make cow tail.  So that'll be fun :) I hope this letter had some more detail, I hope you enjoyed it because this was one of the best weeks of my entire life.  I love this place, I love these people and I love this work, stay strong all!  LOVE YOU!
-Elder Westenskow

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