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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Eat the Oranges!

Hey there y'all!  How's it going?
So this week was kinda weird.     

Also, dad, as far as tender mercies, Pepsi is not one.  Sodas that are EASY and cheap to find here are Pepsi, Orange Crush, Grapette, Creme Soda, 7up, Coke, and a few others.  But I've become a Pepsi guy, the Sodermans would be proud.  I'm also going to take  a little time to explain better what exactly the Noche De Hermanamiento is.  It's just an activity the ward does, we didn't organize it haha (but I can't promise it happens when we're not there)  It's just a little thing where a member shared a fireside-esque thing and then we play a game (which we're always in charge of) and eat some food, it's really simple but it gets the branch together. 
So let's start with the good.  We met with Alvaro on Tuesday and actually had a really good lesson.  We exchanged questions about churches and we learned a bit about his church.  We taught about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon AGAIN.  But he actually seemed kinda positive about it this time!  :)  He promised he would pray about it and admitted that it was possible, that everything we were teaching was possible!  So that's progress.  We also met with Andrés and Anna on Tuesday.  We lost our fecha with Andrés :(  He un-set his baptismal date.  And we found out he's not married.  So he went from being our most positive to our least positive. 
The reason we did all of this work on one day is because we thought we were going to be out of our area from Wednesday to Saturday (because, ya know, they told us we would.  We were supposed to go to Xela)  But we didn't.  Apparently a hurricane rolled in and made traveling super dangerous.  On Wednesday we received seven different calls telling us what to do, 3 different times they told us we weren't allowed to go work and then finally it ended up being a work day.  So with crappy weather and no appointments we just.... did service haha. That's what we do. 
On Thursday we went to visit a less active lady and she gave us oranges.... BAD IDEA TO EAT THEM!!!!!!  We spent Friday and Saturday in the house, Friday because I couldn't stay out of the bathroom for more than 10 minutes and Saturday because Elder B couldn't get out of bed his stomach hurt so bad.  So that was two days of doing nothing haha  which is always weird. 
Saturday though we had our Noche (it was with a family from Nebaj so they can't come but on Saturdays) and the attendance kinda made us mad.  40 people, 6 investigators came INCLUDING Alvaro haha.  That's SOOOOO much better than church.  Then none of them showed up to church, we had a totally normal day yesterday haha  We did have 9 less actives come to church so I guess we're getting SOME work done in the great North haha
So now things, first off, how have I never known about the Vernal temple? That thing is so rad!  The week I get home, Nicole, Meagan, and I are road tripping out to Vernal to go to that.  Don't care what they say :)  Also, at some point I want to go up to Cardston Alberta temple so whoever wants to go to Canada is welcome!  Also, we got a reference from a guy in another area, a guy named William.  He lives about 2 hours away but every time we talk to him on the phone he's super stoked to talk with us so we're probably going to make the trek out there this week haha... something to do :) 
Ensign articles you should look up: From the February 2005 issue "7 Lessons on Sharing the Gospel" by Elder Clayton M Christensen.  Super good stuff about helping members to share the gospel!  Also DAD LOOK UP IN THE AUGUST 1999 "Paul: An Untiring Witness of Christ" with your love and appreciation for New Testament apostles I think you'll like it a lot :) 
Well, I think that's all, love you all!
-Elder Westenskow

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