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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Answers to Your Burning Questions-Part 2!

So lets see... more questions
1. Hot water, food prep etc:  We have hot water, a stove, a lady in our ward does our laundry and we have a bathroom shower.  It's actually all pretty nice (by Guatemalan standards haha)  we're pretty hooked up.
2. Travel.  So our zone is based in Quiché which is 3 hours from Xela.  Cunén is another 2 hours from Quiché so we're 5 bus hours from Xela.
3. We don't contact a whole ton just because it doesn't do a lot of good haha.
4. The branch really likes us, we have a good relationship with all of them it's just tough to get them excited about missionary work
5. We dropped Eliseo and his family, we might go visit them later but they're VERY evangelical lol
6. Uspantan is an hour by bus from Cunén, not a lot of people have cars, everyone takes micro buses
7. There's 2 members of my CCM group in my zone.
8. We see our zone once a week.
9. Glad that mom is feeling better :)

This week, this week was kinda rough, EVERY single appointment we had for the entire week fell through, every single one.  We didn't meet with any of our investigators :(  We also didn't find anyone new even though we tried really hard.  We met a lot with members and menos activos just trying to do what we can. There's not a lot of work to do in Cunén, the people there just aren't very interested in the church.  It kinda blows but we're trying and I'm going to be here til like January so I better pick it up haha figure out how to work in this area, we just need to talk to more people I think.  We did a lot of service this week, hence the pictures.  There's one of me chopping wood which is actually a lot of fun, I quite enjoy it!  
Also washing dishes for the same lady. 
We also had to strip corn from the cob to use for tortillas and the like and that's where those randy blisters came from (don't worry about them,they'll be gone by the next time you hear from me haha)  
What do I eat?  Cereal, spaghetti, eggs, ham, cheese all that kind of stuff, the same as in college haha.  The members don't cook for us so we don't eat a lot of weird stuff lol.  It was a good week, a really fast week but nothing really happened, sorry.  Oh, yesterday was kinda cool though, I spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time in Spanish so that was actually a lot of fun :)  And then we had our branch president's family over for dinner yesterday, we made them breakfast burritos and they had never seen flour tortillas before!  haha it was really fun. I love you all!  Glad to hear everyone is doing well still, stay safe and Keep praying for me haha!
Elder Westenskow

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