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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Friday, October 7, 2011

Conference Was SOOOO Amazing!

Hey there family!  So I have notes for this week's email so it might seem disorganized because I just kinda wrote them as they came to me haha.  First, we had a cool activity this week.  Every Tuesday we have a Noche De Hermanamiento with our ward which roughly translates to brotherhood night.  We ended up doing it this week and it was a lot of fun to do.  Elder B gave a really cool thing on trials and difficulties that we have in our life and why we have them and how we can learn from them.  It was really cool, we played a game after that which was fun :)  Question that nobody will answer me on:  I wrote Meagan a letter my last week in the CCM and I don't know if she didn't get it or what, but in all of the wedding pictures I only saw Stevie once.  How's he doing?  Was he able to attend most of the festivities?  Just wondering how he's doing.

We did have something exciting!  We have a buddy named Mario and he wants to meet with us! He seems pretty positive!  I'm excited to see what happens with him, he's a really cool guy. We're still doing lots of service which is how we spend most of our time.  You'll have to forgive me, I took zero pictures this week haha. 

I'm also teaching myself piano haha.  We have a little electronic keyboard in the church and I can almost kinda sight read the right hand on most of the hymns, it's kinda coming back to me.  My goal is to be able to play well enough for people to sing by the time I leave Cunén (probably 3 months).

As far as Alvaro goes, I think we'll probably end up dropping him.  He's out of town working right now but we're going to try to work with him again but he's not too eager to meet with us.  Things look kinda grim but I'm trying not to lose hope. 

Questions about the bus rides.  I think the buses themselves are more civilized than Brad's. We don't have goats hanging out the window (although it's not unusual to see a basket of chickens on the roof haha)  but the drivers can be pretty crazy, it's definitely an experience.  Just google image Guatemala Micro bus and you should be able to find something.  Oh, dad, due to the reference you made, I'll assume you found the Fourth Missionary talk? How did you like it?
Oh, and mom was talking about some meeting she was in where they were trying to get the members involved.  PLEASE work with the missionaries.  I know it can be tough where everyone is a Mormon but do what you can please.  The work goes forward a million and a half times smoother with the help of the members, it's really the only way to get it done, contacting pretty much does squat haha.

Finally, how are things with Andrés you ask.  Alright.  We haven't been able to meet with him in a little over a week. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday so we'll see then if things are still looking good for baptism
It was so good.  A weird experience I had, I looked at my watch as Elder Oaks opened the Sunday Afternoon session and was like "Holy cow we're already 15 minutes in!" Then I realized that I'm 15 minutes in to the conference session of my mission, I hope that metaphor made sense.  But yeah, conference was SO AMAZING!! Holy cow how prayers are answered.  I've really been trying to think lately about how to recognize and follow the Holy Ghost and that was pretty much the topic of the entire first session haha.  Oh man was it good!  Love it!  Yeah, everything was soooooo good, the fried chicken story was amazing!  Love conference, Love you all Love the gospel!

 -Elder Westenskow

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