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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Answers to Your Burning Questions!!

Alright, so I knew that you all would be getting upset because I keep forgetting to answer questions so here we go.
Q: Was everything in the package okay? A: Yes, the chocolate even survived great :)
Q: My health A: I'm fine lol.  Don't worry about it, I had a cold and felt like crap in the CCM, no worries.  I'm in a third world country, I'm going to get sick, no worries :)
Q: The question of money A: We get 1900 Quetzales every month (I'm not sure what that is in dollars) but we have to pay rent (well, we don't so we actually get a bit less than the rest) pay for travel, food, personal expenses, basically everything.
Q: I'm not sure what the question was.  A: We have a lady in our branch who cooks us lunch Thursday through Sunday and does our laundry, we pay her 400 Quetz a month
Q: Where do we buy food A: There's a dispensa here in Quiche that we buy food at and then take to Cunén on the bus.  There are little tiendas in Cunén all over though (the comparable thing would be like a gas station store except they sell a lot more than gas station stores do)
Q: How do I print? A: The place we use Internet at has a printer.
Q:How's my comp and I? A: We're great!  Working hard and having a good time, he's a really good guy
Q: Quality of life A: Great!  We live in a church so even though it's small we're pretty hooked up.  We have hot water, a toilet, a stove, a sink so life is good!
Q: The branch A: I swear I've said this before we have a branch of about 40 active members, for example 38 people attended church yesterday
Q: Are you learning Quiche?  A: No, I'm sticking with the Spanish thing, everyone we talk to on a regular basis speaks Spanish so I'm really just trying to get the one language down.
This week was good :)  We started off the week with a zone conference in Xela in which president talked more about working with members and getting more referrals.  It was good because he gave us some different techniques to apply to our work so that we can advance the work more here in Cunén.  We took the list and looked at which ones we were already doing and which ones we could begin applying.  It looks like it'll work out well :)  We also got pizza so that's always great!  We spent Tuesday night playing Bancopoly at the zonies because we got back too late to catch a bus to Cunén (Bancopoly is the Guatemalan version of Monopoly).  We've just been meeting a lot with members this week, a lot of people don't know a lot about the church so we've just been helping them to learn more about it as well as ask for references.  We're really building some good relationships with the members and that helps the work A LOT.  That was probably my biggest misconception about missionary work is how much you work with the members, you work with them a lot.  At least in our area, you have to.  Thursday was Independence day so it was really really tough to come up with stuff to do, nobody was  home, and I mean NOBODY.  And everybody was celebrating so they didn't particularly want to listen to us at the time.  However, we randomly decided to stop by Andrés' house and he was actually there!  (A guy that we taught my first week that was super positive) we visited with him for almost 2 hours and he's just really really positive about everything we tell him.  He's trying to improve and change his life and he sees us as helpers to help him do that.  We met with him on Saturday as well and put a baptismal date, my first!  It's pretty far off, 5 November but we have to wait until he can attend church.  All it means is that we have to keep working with him and get him better acquainted with the branch.  We're trying not to get too excited because a lot of baptismal dates fall through but I have a really good feeling about it :)
We also had a second meeting with our Bible basher friend, Alvaro.  He really just won't accept the Book of Mormon and we just keep telling him to pray about it.  It's tough.  I felt really good about him after our first visit but it looks pretty grim right now. Oh well, just keep both of them in your prayers and we'll see what happens :)
Much love to all, have a good week everyone!
-Elder Westenskow

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