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Friday, June 14, 2013

Working Hard and Seeing the Blessings 6/10/2013

Hey there everybody!

First off, glad that everyone was able to have an enjoyable week either in Texas or at home, sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there but that's how things happen sometimes ha ha. As for me, I'm super stoked, I told mom but I'll let y'all know, about my sacrament meeting talk topic! It's about the covenants we make. I'm sure that nobody but the Lord really knows how much I have studied covenants in the last few months and I have gained a love and sincere appreciation for these sacred promises that we make, I'm very very excited to be able to share a little about what I have learned. Seriously, there could not have been a better topic for me.
Anyways, as for my week, it was actually really, really good. We were really able to get down to work with one of our 2 less actives. His wife and daughter are not members and he has had almost no contact with the church for 10 years. But he got really stoked about family history, so we took him to the chapel this week so that he could get started on his family history and we showed them the church and all that good stuff so that was fun :) The only problem there is that he works on Sundays, he works in a tienda type thing right in front of the Catholic church so people walk out of mass and just buy a ton of food and stuff so is the best day sales wise. But we're working hard.  

Progressing are basically the same people, Pedro came to church again, that's 3 times in a row, he even beat us there yesterday! We hope to put a fecha with him this week, I think he definitely could be baptized this month, it's just a matter of helping him understand the doctrine, even on a very basic level. But we're working hard with him. He has a desire to follow God, we couldn't even teach him this week because he wasn't home all week but he still showed up to church. Pretty cool.

Bacilio didn't come to church, we have to figure out what's going on there, he said he'd go last week. He just is having such a hard time with Joseph Smith and all that stuff, we got him to ask God in prayer at the end of our last cita and I could feel the spirit really well but we're just praying that he can recognize it.  

Also, there is another investigator that we've had on and off, it's really hard to find him. But he's now going through a difficult time in his life and he's really looking for help. He also came to church yesterday, he only stayed for Sacrament meeting but he came, by himself so that was super cool. He also knows a member.  The problem is his wife, she's Catholic so we're really praying for a miracle there! But I have seen many miracles and many people change so we're just being faithful!  

As for everyone else, there's a couple people but those would be the most positive. This week was really good, we had more member lessons than another area in my district. So that made us feel good. But yeah, things are going good, I know I'm going to leave this area strong with a good pool of investigators, officially one month from tomorrow I walk through the door of the house, kinda weird to think about, like, I am excited but I also just don't really believe it... I keep expecting President to call me and be like "PSYCH! You'll be here another year" but I don't think that will happen ha ha. But I'm feeling good. We're working VERY hard and starting to see fruit.

Elder Westenskow

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