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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Working Hard and Being Obedient 6/3/2013

Hey there y'all!

Hows it goin'? Super good I sure do hope! Hope y'all had a great week in Texas and that the wedding was super duper good! You'll have to tell me all about it!  As for me, my week was pretty good! I'm older ha ha. We were going to order Dominos just to find out that they will only come to San Andres in the afternoon ha ha so that was a bummer but instead we went around and just bought a bunch of American food from all the dudes that went to the states to learn how to make food so it turned out really great actually ha ha.
Mom also asked how things are going with my comp, things are really good!  We're working super hard and starting to have success so its going well, we get along well and it's fun to joke and stuff.  It's going really well so that's really good!

As for us, we have basically the same progressing investigators. It was actually a really tough week, we taught a good quantity of lessons but just very few people are wanting to progress.  But Bacilio and Pedro are coming along quite nicely. We could only teach each of them once this week but they both came to church by themselves. We went to go pick Pedro up and his sister is like "yeah, he left like 10 minutes ago, he went to church".  And my comp is like "well I hope he meant our church" and sure enough he did. And Bacilio beat us and all of the members there! So they're going along very, very well. For some reason just neither of them want a baptismal date. So we'll see what we can do this week, we have some ideas to go out with members and all that good stuff.  So we're working hard and having a good time, trying not to think about home too much and it's going well :) 

As far as I go, I'm not baggy at all actually, like I'm stoked to go home and everything but it doesn't seem real still, maybe when I'm on the plane it will but until then...I do officially have 5 weeks left which is not very much at all. But it's all good. We're working harder than ever, being more obedient than ever, and having a great time.

Yesterday, the entire city of San Andres Xecul was in party mode. There were 4 different bands playing in the four corners of the park from 10am to 1am.  Overall, it was a pretty interesting day, a lot of walking :) But Hey, I really am happy, life is super duper good, I love it, I love the mission, I love my area, I'm just loving it! 
Elder Westenskow!

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