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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beginning My Last Change 5/27/2013

Hey there family!

As for y'all, sounds like everything is going well for you! Sounds like everyone is having a good time in their several activities and things they're involved in, life seems to be marching along quite nicely.  

As for us in San Andres things are going GREAT!!! We're really starting to see some success. Bacilio came to church again yesterday and he came all by himself! We didn't go pick him up AND he stayed all 3 hours. We also had another investigator in church, Pedro. We've been visiting him for a couple weeks and he told us he wanted to go to church so we went and picked him up and he went, stayed 2 hours. They both seemed to really like it. Bacilio is really asking a TON of questions about baptism and if he really has to be baptized again, but for some reason he doesn't want to commit to a fecha so we'll see what happens there, hopefully he decides pretty quickly, we are always telling him to ask God and that he'll be the one to answer but I think he's scared.  

Israel and Josue are both progressing as well, I feel like they are both seriously starting to doubt the church where they go and really thinking about what to do, they also don't want to commit to a fecha but we've had a couple of very powerful lessons with them. Hopefully they can keep going.

We also have a guy named Jose. He's SUPER positive. He's catholic but he says that he doesn't feel good going so he doesn't go. But he really likes what we teach but he is as of right now against the idea of changing his church but little by little :) 

Diego and his family are also progressing well, they invited us to lunch on Saturday and that was good, they like as well the message. He's reading the Book of Mormon so that's an important step, we're working hard there and hoping to help him come to church on Sunday.  

As you can see the investigators are good!  The rain has come again and we are getting wet daily but it's fun, always an adventure when it starts HARD to rain because we have to find somewhere to hide, preferably in someones house!  But we're doing good, happy, healthy, working, all of it.  Glad everything is great on that side of things. Today I start my last change in the mission, pretty weird feeling. Mix between being super excited and also a little nostalgic already. But enjoying every moment! 
Elder Westenskow

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