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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hey there family :)

We found 2 families this week!  The family Calderón is an old investigator family of the sisters.  The problem with them was the husband wouldn't give permission for the sisters to visit,  but with us he let us in and met with us and told us we were welcome.  The problem we have now is that the member that's helping us isn't the best member to help. He's really overbearing and likes to talk and cut us off, so we've got to figure out how to deal with that but it should be good, they could be positive :)  Also, the family Gomez.  The parents are members but the dad died so the mom stopped going.  They have a bunch of kids that aren't baptized.  But she had a dream and as far as I can tell it was from the spirit lol.  She described a bunch of stuff and all of it sounded like the temple.  She told us that it made her think of the temple and how her husband always wanted to go get sealed.  So we're taking them to the temple on Wednesday with a member to teach them :)  Good stuff there!

Also, updates!  Doña Tina AND Lala both came to conference yesterday!!!!  So they were able to hear the prophet talk and to feel the spirit and oh man I was so glad that they came!  We've challenged both of them to be baptized and Doña Tina is a little skeptical because she says she was already baptized twice and doesn't know if she can do it again.  Lala on the other hand has accepted the invitation to be baptized but is sketchy on putting a date because she doesn't feel prepared.  We have the goal for the 14th and we're working hard to help her feel ready :)  I really think she'll go through with it :)  And Luis, we met with him this week and talked about faith.  I'm not sure if he'll ever progress and it's slim he'll get baptized (for marriage problems) but at the very least he likes to meet with us, he says he feels good and that he thinks what we say is true :)  He's a great guy!

Andrew and Elder Wimmer (CCM Comp) enjoying General Conference!

Now, conference!  I loved conference! I made a list of my favorite talks!  I loved that this conference was very back to basics, nothing complex, no deep doctrine, just a reminder of the simple things :)  I loved it!  I loved Donald L Hallstroms talk Saturday morning on the church vs. the gospel, I loved Jeffery R Hollands talk Saturday afternoon "step up, its getting late" BOOM! THROWN DOWN!  I also really enjoyed David A Bednars talk in priesthood as well.  I liked President Uchtdorfs talk Sunday morning, "Stop it!" haha.  Also D Todd Christoffersons talk on doctrine.  Then Sunday mornings President Monsons talk was awesome!  Last, I loved Neil L Andersons talk "What does Christ think of me?" LOVE IT.  THe church is true, we have a prophet and that's good stuff if I've ever heard it :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
-Elder Westenksow

Four Generation picture

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