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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Staying in Esperanza!! 3/26/2012

How's life in the home hut? Life here on the mission is good!  First, change news, no worries, I will be in Esperanza another change (big surprise ha ha)  But yeah, I loved the pictures from last week, good to see everyone happy and healthy :)  Also, mom, glad I have a fan, give Julia a big hello for me :)  About sunflower seeds for future reference, better in the seed, they're a good walking around snack. 

About Mom Estrada, I'm not sure what to think about them, it's tough, every cita with them fell this week and we couldn't get them to come to church.  About Gerson, we finally were able to meet with him this week and he told us that his parents had flat out prohibited him from doing anything with the church, including be baptized.  So we talked to him about how to talk to them again, how we might be able to meet with them, what we needed to do to make that happen.  I'll keep ya updated :)  Doña Tina, she also didn't come to church yesterday because one of her daughters came to visit her. But we went and saw her last night and talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and how important it was to come to church.  When we got there she was reading from the Book of Mormon so she's progressing we just need to get her to church.  So I'll keep ya updated :)  About Elder Garcia, things are good, he's kinda quiet so its hard to maintain a conversation with him and hard for him to talk to investigators or members but we're working on it :)  Training is good, just a little stressful sometimes.  About President, they're legit, I don't see them a whole ton but we had interviews on Friday and it was a good chance to just be able to sit down and talk to him :)  We spend a lot of time with the other missionaries actually, all of pday, some of Tuesday and sometimes during the week ha ha. 

This week for me was insanely fast, I can't even remember half of what happened ha ha.  But we did have one fun experience.  On Tuesday we taught two member lessons back to back in Walter's house.  We first taught Lala, a good lesson, we talked about prayer and the holy ghost and how to recognize an answer, she's really in need of basic gospel knowledge and we're helping her with that :)  She walked out and from the back came Walters brother, so we taught them about the purpose of life a little bit and a little of the plan of salvation.  It was just kinda funny, we were just on the couch, one investigator waked out, the other came in and 2 lessons in a row :) 

Sorry, this email is really short and like I said, this week was too fast to really remember.  I'll try to be better next week, I know a short email kinda stinks but just remember that I'm happy, healthy and having a blast :)  I'm excited to be in Esperanza still and we've got some good plans to teach some references this week so, I'll keep you updated :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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