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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Semana Santa!! 4/9/2012

First, I'll answer ALL the questions :)  For conference, Yes, I did see Skyler and my reaction was pretty much what you thought it would be "hey, I know her ha ha!"  Does anyone know where she's going? Somewhere English speaking.  We watched it in the church with all the missionaries in English :) As I like it ha ha.  And Walter LOVED conference, he thought it was the greatest thing ever :)  As for which missionaries do I spend time with.  Right now its mostly Wimmer, Weight (Nicole knows him), Austin, Franco, and Petit. 

Now, response, I'm glad y'all had a good time in Florida and that you enjoyed yourselves, we might have to go back to Disneyland sometime, maybe Christmas 2013 ;) ;) ;) But yeah, glad y'all enjoyed it :)  

Now, this email will be short, why?  This week was weird.  First of all it was Semana Santa which is just weird in itself, but also I was in bed until Thursday evening with this horrible horrible thing that caused me to take the most horrible, horrible antibiotic known to man (Ciprofoxacina, maybe Nicole knows it). Basically what it does is implant little nanobots into your body to torture you from the inside out with little flamethrowers.  Plus it makes you really, really, really constantly hungry and you have to eat or the little robots with flamethrowers gets worse but this is all while the sickness that I had made the act of eating make me want to throw up, fun combo!  But I'm all better now, finished the meds last night and they stay in the system 72 hours so I should be 100% normal soon :)  But that was most of my week ha ha. 

On top of that, Semana Santa, this place goes NUTS ha ha.  But yeah, for that nobody came to church yesterday, all they wanted to do was party ha ha.  BUT we did manage to have a cool experience with Lala.  We talked to hear about conference.  Before she has been feeling like she can't be close to God, like he's just really far away even when she prays, that he doesn't listen, and more importantly that he doesn't answer.  But she told us before going to conference she just said a little prayer to be able to receive an answer and the session she went to answered all her doubts and she felt like the people were talking to her face to face!  It was so cool, she put her own baptismal date for the 28th of April ha ha.  Really cool experience.  :)  We also managed to meet with Gerson again and his parents DEFINITELY don't want him to get baptized, they took away his Book of Mormon ha ha.  But we really just told him that he might have to wait til 18 years old :-(  But yeah, I'm really sorry this email isn't exciting, neither was our week ha ha.  But just know I'm feeling better, I'm excited for a normal week and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  I hope y'all got Walters messages and Nicole was able to translate to respond :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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