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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Worry Family...I'm Alive!! 4/16/2012

Hey, don't worry about me.  Skimming just a bit of the emails everyone is freaking out about last week, that wasn't my intention (and I did NOT know that that stuff was used to treat Anthrax ha ha) But I'm all better now, I don't know what I had but between an antibiotic that can heal Anthrax and a priesthood blessing I'm doing 100 percent now :) Sorry for the worry, the nanobots and flamethrowers were just an attempt to make y'all laugh, sorry! :) 

Anyway!  First, I GOT THE ECLAIR PIE PACKAGE AND THE 6 POUNDS OF CANDY THAT WERE IN IT!!! Ha ha, that was so much candy but OH IS IT SO GOOD!  Also, y'all sent enough for 2 pies, that's legit :) Thank you so much for doing that, for going to the trouble to do that for me, LOVE YA FOR IT!  Also about eating Walter out of house and home, tortillas cost like, nothing.  And they're delicious :)  so no worries about that :)  Also to answer the last of the conference questions, we just watched it in the church, Elder Wimmer and I just happened to find a room that was empty with a TV in it ha ha.  So we aprovechard (took advantage of it).  ALSO, nobody told me that y'all were going to Disneyland... oh well, we spent Nicole's 6 months in Disneyland so I guess its cool if y'all celebrate my year mark there ha ha.  We just now HAVE to go Christmas of 2013, its not a choice.  We must do it now.  Hope that works for y'all :)  Also, that's crazy that y'all are doing Insanity. I've heard rumors.  P90X and Insanity are big hits in the mission but I avoid them like the plague so ya know, I wouldn't know.  But I've heard its CRAZY ha ha and ANYBODY who does it WILL drop weight ha ha.  So good for y'all, you're more motivated than I am, and you're not even eating tortillas.  ;)

This week was a bit different.  President put the goal that each companionship would do 40 positive contacts (basically find 40 future investigators, someone that gives us a time to come back or a phone number to get in contact) and HOLY CRAP HOW I HATE TO CONTACT!  But we did it!!  We did our 40 contacts, it was tough but we did it and we actually had some pretty cool experiences this week!  First off, we found a less active!  Which believe it or not we have a shortage of in this area.  People are either active or apostate (breaking celestial laws with no intention to change or meet with us) but we found a new less active, the mom of a member that's not in the registries of the ward.  So that was a blessing :)  ALSO, we found a guy, two of his daughters are members of the church and he's actually been to New England to visit church sites ha ha.  So he was a little hesitant to let us come back but we managed to convince him to accept another visit "vamos a tener una plactica"(we're going to have a chat) he told us so we'll see what happens there :)  Also, we found a guy who I suppose was an old investigator, there's no registry for him but he came to church twice back in the day.  He also isn't too interested in receiving us again but we'll bug him again :)  Also, I had a really cool experience with prayer :) Last night we needed two more contacts and it started to RAIN!  We had both forgot our jackets so we couldn't just go out in the rain.  So we were on a street contacting and running from cover to cover to get to different houses but then we finished the street and had nowhere to go.  So I just said a prayer and I was like "we need to get these contacts but we can't do it with this kind of weather, please make the rain stop or slow down" and like 3 minutes later THE RAIN STOPPED!  It was crazy, just like that, it just stopped!  We managed to get our last two contacts and finish the goal :)  It was legit!

Now, on to other things!  Lala is still progressing, a little slow but she's progressing.  She raised some concerns about being able to keep the baptismal covenant, if she was going to be able to do it and if she was going to be like, worthy.  Shes worried about that.  But she came to church yesterday and we have a cita tonight so I'll keep y'all updated, but as of right now the 28th is the day!  Also, the family Gomez came to church yesterday!  THE WHOLE FAMILY!  We stopped by Saturday to find out if they were going to go and the kids said they would but the mom had gotten four teeth taken out that morning so she said she couldn't.  But she fought through the discomfort and pain and CAME TO CHURCH!!!! YEAH!! They're pretty positive, they really have the goal of the temple :) Also, two people from the Family Calderon came to church.  The dad has gone back to the states to work for like 2 months but the goal is to get the rest of the family super excited about everything so they motivate him when he gets back but I'll keep you updated as always :)  We really did less visiting this week because of the contacts but this week went EXCELLENT for us :) I love this work, the Lord is always helping us and we're never alone.  I hope I gave enough details this week, trying to do better for that.  LOVE YOU ALL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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