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Monday, May 6, 2013

Knocking Every Door And Teaching As Many As We Can 4/22/2013

Dear Family,

I am officially in San Andres Xecul and it is CRAZYYYYYYYY.  But on to that in a minute.  First, the best news of the week. The Family Castillo will be sealed on Thursday, April 25 at about 10am.  And I will be there! It's been a long road but the interviews are over, the clothes are bought, and the day is set. I can't even express how stoked I am to see this. I missed the sealing of my sister at the beginning of the mission, this will be the first sealing of living people that I see and I feel like it is a tender mercy from the Lord for having not seen Meagan's. Of course, nobody comes before my own family but if anyone is in second place it would be a tie between the Sodermans and the Castillos.  What an amazing experience, you'll all get photos!  

Now, on to the juicy news. San Andres is a municipio of Totonicapan. There are a LOT of Catholics and no Mormons ha ha. Lies, we have one INACTIVE member who avoids us ha ha. But it's super sick, it's a super calm place, the people are just kinda always doin' their own thing all the time. I'm really, really enjoying it. Our work this week has consisted of knocking every single door we could find and trying to teach as many people as we can. There has been a lot of rejection. But we have a few people who have been willing to listen to us and even have interest in attending church. The most positive would be a man named Rudy. He asks A LOT of questions about EVERYTHING and has expressed a desire to go to church with us. We found him contacting (of course) and just started talking. He couldn't go yesterday (because we met him like 4 days ago) but he really wants to go this Sunday. We attend church in San Cristobal which is about a 10 minute bus ride which I would classify as the biggest desafio for people to attend church. But holy cow its so legit. This week our plan is to get members from San Cris to show us every single person they know and to find news that way. But even just contacting we were able to find 12 news (ask Nicole if that's a big deal).  So that's super cool, I'll be sure to answer all other questions next week!
My comp, his name is Elder Muñoz from Honduras. He's a convert of about 4 years and what he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in ganas. He's super down to work super hard and echar fuego!  It's a challenge getting used to being with a new missionary again after being with oldies for the last 6ish months but its fun. I feel like he has the potential to become a great elder. My kid number 3. I have 3 children, the same as mom and dad.  Lame joke ;-) Anyway I'm running out of time,

LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!
Elder Westenskow

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