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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Know He Lives 4/8/2013

Hey Family!
Hey there, how was your week? Spectacular I'm sure!  Sounds like you guys had a fun visit from Guatemala! That was super random to see Hna Parker, it took me a second to recognize her since she's not, like, a missionary anymore ha ha. Kinda random but cool beans that y'all were able to meet her. And about the Rosetta Stone, sounds like a great idea!  

As for us, we had a great week!  It started out slow but as always, I think it's a rule of the mission that something has to happen towards the end of the week! We had a couple miracles! Adrianna reappeared! We randomly saw her where she was working before, I guess her and the member she was dating got back together! So our most positive investigator is back! And we're really stoked about it! We didn't have a chance to teach her this week but the point is, she's back! So we're stoked about that!  Also, Bernabe, more commonly known as Alexis' Dad, we were able to find him! And he asked us if he could be baptized! So that's AWESOME! He has his fecha for the 20th. Sadly, I won't be here seeing as its almost guaranteed that I'll have changes after next week but either way its super exciting!  

As for the bad news, A..., one of our investigators is no longer progressing at all, it's so sad to see her reject this message like that, but that's the sucky part of the mission, people don't always say yes, even when they progress so much. So we're bummed out about that, a few prayers for her would be good!  

Now the most important event, CONFERENCE!!  I'll start out saying that next conference I'll see it with y'all! Not baggy, excited :) But conference was super great! Overarching themes. I learned what kind of a wife I have to look for.... scary that that counsel actually will apply in a few months ha ha. The severe importance of the law of chastity, and the absolute need that we all have to have a personal testimony of Christ. I do. I know He lives. He truly did die for us. He suffered not only sins but all pains, sadnesses, everything. All because of his infinite love. He lives, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. What wonderful knowledge that the Spirit has confirmed to all of us. This gospel sure is great!  
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
Elder Westenskow
Yeah, I have no words! ~Mom

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